Mazzy Pachecos



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24% THC
Earthy, Lemon

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Expert Review

All The Cool And None Of The Cancer

Review by Brianna Wheeler

Nov 23, 2018 · 4 min read

Who needs a cig when you've got these wonder sticks?

I used to smoke cigarettes, but I don't anymore. Save your applause. I know smoking cigarettes is tantamount to slow suicide, but when hanging from the lips of an attractive young adult, I still just think they look so cool. And while I can often be spotted around town with a fat joint or blunt hanging from my own mouth, it’s just not the same. I miss the feel of the dense, fibrous filter, the neat, cylindrical paper, and the telltale plume of vaporous tobacco smoke. I miss the feeling of a ciggie between my index and middle fingers as I gesticulate through a story, but most of all I miss how cool I thought I looked. Eco Firma Farms’ Pachecos are about to change all of that for me, and I may never want for a stank suicide stick again.

It was the cure for cigarettes and exactly the antidote to cool-kid withdrawal that I needed.