Relax Mini Pre-Rolls



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21.26% THC

Product Description

Each pack of these premium pre-rolls contains six little joints filled with top-shelf Flow Kana flower. You won't find any trim or B-Grade in these bad boys. As the “Relax” name implies, these joints lean towards the indica side and provide relaxing relief that’ll help you check out after a long day. Expect to feel supremely stoned, so be sure that you’re ready to lean into the high that'll have you zoning out in no time. Sustained sleep will come quickly if you allow it, or power through a few episodes and become one with the couch.

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Expert Review

Relax and Go With the Flow (Kana)

Review by Jessica Buck

Jun 05, 2020 · 3 min read

Keep your Sunday lazy and don’t succumb to the scaries with this mind-melting mini.

IN REVIEW: These are the types of joints you open and say, “Aw they’re tiny, look how cute they are!” But boy do they make their presence known in a big way. Be sure you’re ready to call it a day and let these pre-rolls take over as the high is heavy in both body and mind. They’re perfect when you just need to turn off an overactive mind, zone out, reflect and relax—and who isn’t looking for that right now?

When laziness hits you and you couldn’t be bothered to roll anything up, pre-rolls come in super clutch to keep the vibe going. I’m also a huge fan of pre-rolls because when a professional rolls them, they look way better than my uneven joints, so shout out to those supplying me with pre-rolled love in the form of these Relax Mini’s from Flow Kana.