Lemon x Snow Lotus Pre-Rolls


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31.84% THC, 0.13% CBD
Lemon, Sweet

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Expert Review

Find Focus & Fun In These Lil' Hauties

Review by Samantha Jane Gurewitz

Dec 28, 2022 · 6 min read

Haute Sauce’s infused mini pre-rolls will provide newfound focus and creative control.

In Review: Few products offer the balance of enough firepower to get you truly stoned and the focus you need to funnel that energy into something worthwhile, but these little pre-rolls handle it with ease. Haute Sauce’s Lemon x Snow Lotus Pre-Rolls are crafted with whole flower before being infused with ice-water hash, and they ride the line between a high-octane high and helping hand to allow you to cross items off of a to-do list or dive into a project with ease. Making them great to keep in your desk or bag for everything from doing away with your creative block to kicking back and relaxing after a long day. 

Most of the time, smoking cannabis and writing about cannabis don’t go very well together. There are very few strains that provide an uplifted and creative flow while still allowing for the amount of focus necessary to keep on task and not get distracted by wandering thoughts…or enticing snacks.

Which is to say, there’s a delicate yin-yang harmonic balance that has to occur to let my brain feel inspired and floaty, yet not get completely lost in space. I often look at my session notes after I come down from a high, and they're much closer to garbled poetry or a grocery list than a readable article.

I have searched long and hard for a joint with a goldilocks level of ‘just write’ qualities good for getting things done and making creative masterpieces, and these Lil' Hauties, full-flower pre-rolls infused with ice water hash from Haute Sauce managed to bring me to that artistically prolific sweet spot.

The smoke itself was smooth and easy, and had me feeling mellowed out from the first puff.

I sat on my porch, and with my computer and a cup of coffee, I settled in for an afternoon writing session. Before I put my fingers to work, I lit up one of the Lil’ Hauties. The scent had citrus and light floral notes, for what I would call a “cool” scent. The flavor was zingy and delicate, herbaceous with a crispness to it. The smoke itself was smooth and easy, and had me feeling mellowed out from the first puff.

I always feel an artsy beatnik vibe when smoking a ‘jazz cigarette’ and typing. Writers often think about themselves like musicians, sculpting feelings into compositions for public consumption, but it’s pretty impossible to make people care about the words you're not writing. Sometimes when I’m at the keyboard I freeze up. The words in my head feel like the 405 freeway - a constant state of jammed up traffic, where everything is trying to get out all at once (and no one seems to know how to MERGE) so things just come to a stand still. This joint was the traffic guard helping things become less chaotic.

The effects started setting in with a bubbling head high. My head literally felt lighter. The uplift was palpable. The tightly wound perspective of my brain seemed to relax and open up like my mind took a deep exhale. There was a creative euphoria creeping in with curiosity and energy. I was feeling buzzed in all the best ways. I felt vivacious, yet fully at ease, melting into the hum of dusk as the day sets, but the night also rises. The traffic in my brain gave way, and the words began pouring out effortlessly.

I found myself wishing that I had had these little pre-rolls back when I was in college, as they would be great for a night in writing some brilliant off-the-wall thesis about zombies and how they reflect society's fear of itself. There was the energizing uplift of sativa, but it came without the racing anxious thoughts or rapid heart rate I sometimes get from them. I was riding a nice, easy feeling of being in a steady flow.

Even on the second light up, it was enjoyable to smoke.

My fingers seemed to dance more vibrantly along my lit-up laptop. The energetic body high started tingling down through my limbs. As great as it was for writing, it wasn’t the best for sitting still. My brain was happy to focus on work, as long as my project stayed more interesting than the urge to get up and dance.

I put the joint out to go refill my tea and check in with my cat. I found myself taking lots of little breaks to get up and move on the speedy body buzz. When I came back to my porch, I was pleasantly surprised to have almost half of a Hautie left. They’re .6g each, a nice compact size, but the infusion of hash concentrate makes it a slower burn.

Even on the second light up, it was enjoyable to smoke. No harsh second hits to note. There was still an inviting fresh herbaceous spiciness, and the citrus notes on top were still refreshing. And knowing I had four more left gave me confidence so I could find my way back to that flow spot long enough to finish an entire article.

Continuing on this overly literary metaphor train, these pre-rolls were also a great lesson in not judging a book by its cover. When I initially saw the sassy package of Lil’ Hauties with a sexy devil girl on the package, I didn’t really expect a high-end product. While I adore a seductive, satanic and a hot-tongued pun, it didn’t bring to mind an elevated intellectual smoking experience.

These Lil' Hauties Infused Sativa Pre-Rolls are the perfect companions for any artistic project

The label claims a potency of 31.84% THC .13% CBD, so I even feared it might contain one of those Cali-special sativas that are so strong they make my heart race and anxiety soar on a psychotropic bad trip. But the natural, solventless, ice water hash brought a strong high with light smoothness, and the mix of Lemon and Snow Lotus strains had a well-balanced blend of terpenes and cannabinoids that brilliantly complemented each other. The Haute in Hautie is bringing a refined Haute Couture cannabis feeling in an accessible and fun little package.

These Lil’ Hauties Infused Sativa Pre-Rolls are the perfect companions for any artistic project that calls for a creative uplift, or for any time you just want to enjoy the art of living in the moment. They’re real ‘jazz cigarettes,’ classic, bubbly, and just as much about the paranoia notes they’re not playing as the creative ones they hit so well.