Lemon x Snow Lotus Pre-Rolls



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31.84% THC, 0.13% CBD
Lemon, Sweet

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Expert Review

Find Focus & Fun In These Lil' Hauties

Review by Samantha Jane Gurewitz

Dec 28, 2022 · 6 min read

Haute Sauce’s infused mini pre-rolls will provide newfound focus and creative control.

In Review: Few products offer the balance of enough firepower to get you truly stoned and the focus you need to funnel that energy into something worthwhile, but these little pre-rolls handle it with ease. Haute Sauce’s Lemon x Snow Lotus Pre-Rolls are crafted with whole flower before being infused with ice-water hash, and they ride the line between a high-octane high and helping hand to allow you to cross items off of a to-do list or dive into a project with ease. Making them great to keep in your desk or bag for everything from doing away with your creative block to kicking back and relaxing after a long day. 

Most of the time, smoking cannabis and writing about cannabis don’t go very well together. There are very few strains that provide an uplifted and creative flow while still allowing for the amount of focus necessary to keep on task and not get distracted by wandering thoughts…or enticing snacks.

Which is to say, there’s a delicate yin-yang harmonic balance that has to occur to let my brain feel inspired and floaty, yet not get completely lost in space. I often look at my session notes after I come down from a high, and they're much closer to garbled poetry or a grocery list than a readable article.