Gelato Wax-Infused Pre-Roll


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45.34% THC, 0.22% CBD

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Expert Review

Hit All-Time Highs With This Powerful Pre-Roll

Review by Samantha Jane Gurewitz

Apr 18, 2022 · 5 min read

High 90s long-lasting pre-roll offers premium effects pull after pull.

In Review: Perfect for passing around at your next party or puffing on solo all day long, this Wax Infused Gelato Pre-Roll from High 90s offers a lasting experience from intake to effects. The premium combo of concentrate and flower is expertly crafted to burn slow and smooth as the effects start to slowly build in the background. Euphoria and a sense of calm will begin to creep in as you savor the sweet and creamy flavors, and you’ll almost certainly find yourself looking down at a half finished joint that sets you up for an equally stellar second sesh. So stock up, and get ready for an experience that will leave a lasting impression. 

Everyday life is like a healthy meal. It gives us the nutrients we need to survive, helps us grow, and can be so damn dull after the third day in a row that we become bored, annoyed and full of existential ennui.

Sometimes you need a little dessert to spice things up and keep yourself excited. This Wax Infused Gelato pre-roll from High 90s is the perfect treat to take an ordinary day of life and turn it into a magically indulgent cheat day.

When I opened the container, my mouth instantly started watering from the explosively yummy smell. The ice cream scent is so thick and strong, it’s like when you open the door to a Baskin-Robbins and that wall of sweet smell hits you square in the face. There are even light hints of vanilla waffle cone under the creamy sweetness. 

When I opened the container, my mouth instantly started watering.

I've never smelled flower with such a food-like aroma, I almost didn’t believe there was weed in it. The flavor is also intensely sweet, reminiscent of a Black and Mild or Swisher Sweet, but in a normal thin rolling paper.

The glass container it comes in is adorable, with 90s-style ice cream cones and fun vibrant colors that set the tone for the tasty brain candy inside. The packaging brings the nostalgic 90s feel by giving off the same vibes as a trapper keeper I had back then.

I also love that the label breaks down the total cannabinoids (48.17%) inside. Not only is there a substantial amount of THC (a whopping 45.17%) but it also lets you know the amounts of CBD (.22%), THCa (21.14%) and Delta 9 THC (26.8%). They use the Greek letter for Delta, which reads like “triangle 9” if you’ve ever been mystified by that odd symbol on labels.

I love getting to know as much as possible about the complex makeup of this awesome plant, and how all of the various cannabinoids (more than 100 have been identified) interact to create the myriad of unique snowflake highs each different strain can provide.

The euphoric head high came on slowly, creeping up with a heavy calmness.

The euphoric head high came on slowly, creeping up with a heavy calmness. It was one of those “fuzzy blankets wrapped around your brain” kind of highs where you feel your eyelids start to lower in unison with your anxiety. The body-high crept down through my chest like a sensation of one slowly melting. I felt buzzy and loose, but not overly sleepy. I had the sensation that time was slowing down just a little bit, or at least my perception of it was.

I felt like I had been smoking for hours, but the pre-roll hadn’t shrunk at all. You could smoke this for an entire day I think. The wax makes it burn super slowly, and it would be a great one to share because it seems like it will literally last forever. It also weighs in at a hefty 1.2 grams, a sizable amount for one little pre-roll.

It was very chill, and great for a lazy afternoon just bummin’ on the couch and forgetting all about the rest of the world. It helped quell some of my anxiety and depression from the day, and turned my thoughts a bit more cheery. It was the perfect thing for breathing deep and capitalizing on a much needed mood boost. If you feel like you’re in a black-and-white movie, this will add a little pop of technicolor.

Alone, I think I could have puffed on this thing for weeks.

Since this is the never-ending gobstopper of pre-rolls, I had plenty left for a second smoke sesh. Alone, I think I could have puffed on this thing for weeks, so for the next round I called in some backup. AKA I shared it with a friend. He was also impressed by the genuinely yummy ice-cream quality and smoothness of this joint. The substantial high certainly didn’t feel like smoking half of a little joint, it was more like we split a whole fresh blunt.

We went to lunch, feeling as bright and light as the sunny day outside. When we walked in, another friend of mine called out my name and ran over. We said hello and traded some hugs, and I felt like I got an extra bonus friend moment during my already lovely hang. 

That’s the same bonus feeling I had when I wondered why I was still so very high many hours later and remembered about the wax infusion. It gives this preroll an extra bonus boost all round. It extends the smoke time and flavor, and makes the high last a little bit longer and float a little bit higher.

This wax infused Gelato pre-roll from High 90s is like one of those giant pieces of cake you get at a restaurant that’s meant for sharing with friends, but you can also take it home and eat it by yourself for days. It's a great pick for a treat yourself day—all of the uplift and cheeriness of a yummy confection, without the nasty come down of a sugar crash. Making it just as perfect for a personal sesh as it is a party.