Pancake Ice Pre-Roll Pack



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29.8% THC
Herbal, Sweet

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Expert Review

The Icing On The Cake

Review by Luca Belloiu

Jun 22, 2022 · 4 min read

The signature strain from Seth Rogan’s Houseplant, Pancake Ice is a potent sativa perfect for pursuing your passions.

IN REVIEW: Each of these perfectly sized half-gram pre-rolls tastes of bright lemon and herbs, and the flavors will lift you up before the effects even set in. Pancake Ice is a cross between Chemdog and Mandarin Cookies, and you can expect a potent offering from their offspring that can really help you knock things off that to-do list, or fortify yourself for a long day out on the trail. Terpene heavy and testing in at 29.80% THC, each tin contains seven joints for an eighth in total that's ready to keep you high straight through whatever it is you choose. 

Every time I see that Chemdog is part of the lineage of whatever strain I’m smoking I know I’m going to be in for a helluva ride. This was no different. Pancake Ice from Seth Rogan’s Houseplant Cannabis is a cross between Chemdog and Mandarin Cookies, and its high THC content translates to a truly potent experience. This sativa has the ability to really turbo boost your morning, and set the tone for a productive and fun day.

The pre-rolls are about a half gram each, which is more than enough to get a real perspective shift. For someone like myself who has a mid-range tolerance, I was floating around my place like Casper the friendly, but very stoned, ghost after only a few puffs. Even my dog knew I was going through some things because he dropped his stuffed duck toy by my feet, thinking that because it helps him get through hard times that it may have the same effect on me. It did not, but I appreciated the gesture, so I took him to the dog park.