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Lift Tickets  Mimosa x Gelato Smoothie Pre-Roll


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Mimosa x Gelato Smoothie Pre-Roll
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One 1g Joint


This Collaboration Quells the Chaos

Make sense out of the mayhem and slow life down with a jovial joint.

IN REVIEW: This pre-roll offers the ultimate bittersweet experience that ends up more in the realm of the latter. The infused rolling papers may leave a bit to be desired taste-wise, but the smoke is smooth and the effects clean. Fruity undertones will finish your toke and leave you in a state of pure bliss, but you’ll still be alert enough to knock out a few tasks and finish your day.

I was feeling anxious the other day. I couldn't wake up, and just needed a moment to chill. It seemed like the perfect time to try this collab joint of Mimosa and Gelato Smoothie from Lift Tickets and Loudpack. I decided to get out of the house and take a deep breath in my backyard while I took this down. I live in a busy part of Long Beach that seems to rarely sleep—even during quarantine. There have been moments of stillness, but then you hear the noises that collect in my backyard all at once. You can usually count on hearing sirens, helicopters, neighbors, and cars flying down our street.

I don't always mind the mild chaos, but since I’d been inside for quite some time, I felt like I just needed a break. A moment for my brain to just shut off, but I guess that's city life, and every year it gets more packed. We’ve called this house our home for nine years, so I’m used to it. Nonetheless, quiet time was calling my name, so I went outside to sit in my hammock. Thankfully, the entire neighborhood seemed to be taking a break inside...perfect timing!

The first thing I tasted was the tangy and sour notes in the terpene infused hemp paper, which were slightly bitter and almost gassy, but layered with flavor. 

I made soda water with lemon and coffee because you can never have too many beverages. A bowl of fresh pineapple, mango, orange and cucumber with a little tajin and lime sat beside me. I was ready to tap into a mellow moment.

Springtime in LA is my favorite. Blue skies fill my view, butterflies are in migration, flowers are in bloom, and the temperature is just right. I had never indulged in a product from Lift Tickets or Loudpack, so I was excited to try something new on a beautiful day. This joint was inviting, and it piqued my sense and interest. It’s a perfectly sized joint with a lovely glass tip. Stoked! A little bit about both brands. Lift Tickets created all-natural hemp papers, and this one was infused with Loudpack’s THC and terpene-rich extracts. Everything about it seemed like an extra elevated experience. Loudpack’s product is sustainably grown in California, and they seem to take pride in their premium, flavorful flower. “Well that all sounds great,” I thought. It was time to dive into this pretty little pre-roll!

As I sat in my hammock looking up at the baby blue sky, I opened the doob tube and could immediately smell the exceptional citrus, tangy and sour notes that finished with a hint of earthiness. I immediately felt energized and ready to indulge. I sparked it up with my hemp wick and took a moderate pull. The first thing I tasted was the tangy and sour notes in the terpene infused hemp paper, which were slightly bitter and almost gassy, but layered with flavor. A subtle and sweet citrus taste followed. The aftertaste was still quite bitter, but again I think that was from the papers. Despite the slightly off-putting flavor, this joint smoked so smooth, and it felt like you could really take a nice inhale without coughing. I like to smoke joints a little at a time rather than getting so baked you can’t function, but I had a hard time restraining myself. It was such a nice smoking experience that I just had to smoke more.

This feeling of oneness with my environment was exactly what I needed.

It didn't take long to feel this lovely flower's presence. My eyes felt heavy, but not in a bad way. I had a little dry mouth, but of course all of my beverage choices helped take care of that. Things quickly started to slow down and almost pause. I took a deep breath and my entire body felt light and airy, but also heavy, as if I were underneath a weighted blanket. As I focused on the relaxed moment this flower was offering me, I noticed a change in things. I could hear all the distinct different types of birds in my backyard, and the wind blew past me with ease. Each car made its own music as it passed down Cherry Avenue. All the natural sounds of my environment had been clear, separate, and really focused and each individual sound came to life. This feeling of oneness with my environment was exactly what I needed. I felt calm, euphoric, and uplifted.

The high lasted a solid amount of time and offered a very comfortable experience. I would highly recommend this pre-roll for countless activities. Whether you need a moment of relaxation, have some aches and pains, need a little pick me up, or have a show you want to binge-watch, this is a good joint to have on hand. It’s also a perfectly sized joint to take out and about if you need some time in nature, so look up at the stars without looking around for someone watching you with curious eyes. I’m glad I stumbled upon this collaboration, and I look forward to trying more of their releases in the future!

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