Sativa Babies - 10 Pack



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18.04% THC
Citrus, Herbal

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Expert Review

Pure Beauty Sativa Babies Dip Into The Ether

Review by Madeline Blue

May 20, 2020 · 6 min read

These pre-rolls will let you sink deeper into the present moment

IN REVIEW: These miniature pre-rolls offer euphoric, short bursts of focus. While they make a great on-the-go option, beware, the high leans towards the intoxicating side of the spectrum for some. Some small gaps in memory and vivid dreams are balanced out by a great social high that’ll help you focus on being in the moment and letting things go.

It’s late, and I’m craving guacamole. So, so badly. And chips. Those perfect tortilla chips with just the right amount of oil and salt you can only find in a restaurant. I’m ready to eat right now—not sleep. I don’t want to be knocked out for the night, and despite the ongoing debate about the validity of the sativa vs. indica designation, I know the latter will put me to bed too soon. So I decided to take a little trip to the lively Little Mexico in my mind.

About Pure Beauty

We rarely think of existence. Where do we come from and why? More importantly where does our weed come from? Do you care? You should care. Even if you care a tiny bit you will have deep love for our flower. All of the water used in our cultivation is collected from the air, we pull no water from California tap. Why? Because a single cannabis plant needs approximately 150-250 gallons of water to reach flowering state. Our cultivation has no runoff; even “safe” fertilizers and nutrients will contaminate surrounding water supplies making life uninhabitable for indigenous species. And we love animals. We also love bugs and use them, like rolly pollys, earthworms and nematodes along with friendly bacteria, fungi and protozoa to create a “soil food web” which helps naturally prevent disease and plant-eating predators by working with the plant to provide nutrients and protection. And when we are done we donate all used soil to public parks. Because why not? Parks are great and we should all support them. And yes, we talk to our flower. These thoughtful cultivation practices and the good energy surrounding our flower in their life cycle creates robust terpene profiles, with a strong nose that—when you smoke it—you will understand the world in a different way.