White Fire Tower Pre-Roll



Product Details

19.6% THC, 0.04% CBD
Sour, Sweet, Diesel

Product Description

Source Cannabis’ White Fire Tower Pre-Roll is earthy and smooth, resulting in an uplifted and happy high with a hint of excitement. The body buzz is often energized, so consider starting your day with this joint.

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

This Pre-Roll Lights The Fire Of Motivation

Review by Luca Belloiu

Apr 23, 2020 · 4 min read

White Fire Tower takes things to new creative heights

IN REVIEW: This high-quality joint provides a solid Source of inspiration to anyone suffering from a creative block or midmorning lull. Dust off your old notebooks and get crackin’, or rearrange your closet and spark joyyou’ll be knocking off items from checklists you forgot you even had.

White Fire Tower Pre-Roll from Source Cannabis is the sort of joint you can turn to when attempting to create your own Mona Lisa; something to smoke in your atelier while covered in paint and inspiration. At 19.3 percent THC, this pre-roll packs a heavier-than-advertised punch that unlocks a deep well of creativity. I experienced the overwhelming desire to get my ideas down on paper, and to see how far down the rabbit hole this flower would take me. It turned out to be pretty far.