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Source Cannabis White Fire Tower Pre-Roll


Source Cannabis’ White Fire Tower Pre-Roll is earthy and smooth, resulting in an uplifted and happy high with a hint of excitement. The body buzz is often energized, so consider starting your day with this joint.

Ranked 5 of 171 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 5 of 171 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Euphoric.

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White Fire Tower Pre-Roll
Product Information

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19.6% THC, 0.04% CBD

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Fire OG, The White

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One 1g joint


Source Cannabis Pre-Roll Lights The Fire Of Motivation

White Fire Tower takes things to new creative heights

IN REVIEW: This high-quality joint provides a solid Source of inspiration to anyone suffering from a creative block or midmorning lull. Dust off your old notebooks and get crackin’, or rearrange your closet and spark joyyou’ll be knocking off items from checklists you forgot you even had.

White Fire Tower Pre-Roll from Source Cannabis is the sort of joint you can turn to when attempting to create your own Mona Lisa; something to smoke in your atelier while covered in paint and inspiration. At 19.3 percent THC, this pre-roll packs a heavier-than-advertised punch that unlocks a deep well of creativity. I experienced the overwhelming desire to get my ideas down on paper, and to see how far down the rabbit hole this flower would take me. It turned out to be pretty far.

If ever there was a strain well suited for spring cleaning, this would be it.

The first thing I did was finish up a short story I'd put on the back-burner for quite some time, and then I moved on to complete an outline for a script I was working on. Once I put fingertips to the keyboard, this strain really had me dialed in. If you’ve been procrastinating any tasks, you would be well advised to give this a try and see if you aren’t more motivated to tackle those personal passion projects.

Completing some work filled me with a sense of accomplishment that carried over well after the high had dissipated. Source’s White Fire is the sort of herbal springboard with the potential to fill your days with purpose, and turn around an afternoon of dithering in no time. When my creative juices ran dry, I reached for a Swiffer and went to work on the floors. I Swiffered with such ferocity that I might have resembled an Olympic curler to anyone watching — OK, just my dog. If ever there was a strain well suited for spring cleaning, this would be it. I followed up with two loads of laundry, washing dishes, and an all-out assault of disinfecting every doorknob, light switch, countertop and handrail in the house.

In normal times, I would have come across as a clean freak on steroids, but considering we are currently living in the times of coronavirus, this White Fire high propelled me to act with the conscientiousness of a high plains housewife during the Dust Bowl. There was hardly any letting up for a good few hours.

While dry mouth became a fleeting issue, it was the munchies that eventually took hold of me. After my cleaning campaign was complete, my appetite knew no bounds. What followed was an elaborate four-course meal that would normally take me two days to finish eating—I instead consumed the meal whole hog in the matter of one afternoon. When I plopped down on the couch a full twenty pounds heavier, I must have resembled a human bean bag chair on the verge of bursting. Still, I felt as content and accomplished as one could under “house arrest.”

If you have a to-do list that needs completing, this pre-roll will be your willing accomplice.

Source Cannabis is indoor grown, hand watered and glass cured. The quality of this pre-roll was evident, and while I didn't  finish it all in one sitting, I was happy it was there the following morning for another round of housework and FaceTiming with family and friends. In addition to being a real go-getter flower, I fell into a long and meaningful banter with friends on Zoom that had me thinking that, if times were different, this would be some prime bud to smoke at almost any social gathering. It even kept me cool-headed as I spoke with my mother in Romania, who is always ready to rattle off a laundry-list of home remedies to keep me safe and healthy. Thanks mom, but Source Cannabis White Fire had me covered this day.

This was a high that pulsed with energy and would work great not only for creative endeavors, but for athletic pursuits too. I could easily see myself smoking this and setting off on a fun run. If you have a to-do list that needs completing, this pre-roll will be your willing accomplice. Don't overdo it though, the initial onset can spring up on you, and what may have started off as a foray into the creative subconsciousness could easily devolve into a haunted hallway of mirrors. One must err on the side of caution, and if you do, what follows will surely be a bonanza of high-paced productivity that springs a steady stream of ideas.

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