Birthday Cake Pre-Roll 5 Pack



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20.74% THC
Sweet, Vanilla

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Expert Review

A New Way To Celebrate With Birthday Cake

Review by Jessica Buck

Jun 05, 2020 · 3 min read

Use these joints like candles on your cake, and light ‘em up to make your wishes come true.

IN REVIEW: Birthday Cake Pre-Rolls from Stone Road provide a strong, quick-hitting head high at 20.74% THC. The balanced nature of this hybrid should make freakouts rare, and anyone in the sharing circle should be solid for a puff or two, but those with a low tolerance may want to bow out after that. Keep these in the glovebox for a spontaneous hike or night out. 

As someone with a serious sweet tooth, cake has got to be my favorite confection to consume. So when I found out I would have the blessed opportunity to inhale birthday cake cannabis, it was my inner child and adult self meeting for the first time in perfect harmony.

About Stone Road

For Stone Road, quality is about purity, attention to detail, and kindness to the Earth. Every single joint is triple-checked, so that they get to feel good and you get to feel even better. Delicious, sustainably grown flower wrapped in french papers for a price everyone can enjoy.