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Sundae School Eureka Infused Pre-Roll


Ranked 73 of 286 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 73 of 286 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Euphoric.

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Eureka Infused Pre-Roll
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19.1% THC

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One 1g joint



A party packed pre-roll destined to be a staple of any sativa lover’s diet.

IN REVIEW: This infused sativa pre-roll from Sundae School guarantees an uplifting head high and euphoric experience that’ll have you flying in no time. You can expect the sort of choose-your-adventure energy that’s ready to keep you upbeat and ensure you stay engaged in whatever comes your way. So fire this up on a Saturday without an agenda and roam around town, or stock up and keep a few of these handy as your new secret weapon for any social situation.

The Eureka joint from Sundae School is a mischievous looking full-gram pre-roll that’s drenched with kief and hits as smooth as silk. This is a hiccup-free ride that reminded me as to why I fell in love with sativas in the first place. (See: “Why I Fell in Love With Sativas: The E! True Hollywood Story.”)

This distillate-infused pre-roll does a great job of bringing out the joy and leaving behind the bullshit.

At first glance, this looks like an imposing joint that is sure to catapult you into Orion’s Belt, but there was nothing about this pre-roll that I found unmanageable. It had an inviting bouquet with a mild sweetness that made it a treat to light up. I took one along with me on a long hike to a remote part of Malibu Creek State Park. There was hardly a soul in sight for the entire 10 mile trek, most of which I spent in awe of the most mundane tree branch or pedestrian looking squirrel. It’s as if this joint unlocked the secret potential of nature, and I was all in. To make matters better, I was also overcome with a jolt of energy that went on that way for what felt like hours.

This was one of those sativa pre-rolls that might as well be a sports supplement. Shortly after sparking up this joint, I put on a carefully curated playlist of chill House music and went on autopilot. I ran up hills and sprinted down narrow trails with the reckless abandon of a middle-aged white man who believes that anything worth doing is also worth doing high.

This distillate-infused pre-roll does a great job of bringing out the joy and leaving behind the bullshit. I found that whatever was stressing me out had been forgotten and replaced with pure positivity. Everything took on a richer color, and the feeling of lightness helped push me forward, and ultimately beyond. This is a great choice for working out, or just having a run-of-the-mill outdoor adventure. Big waves of euphoria and energy are the hallmark of this flower. I found it to be the sort of bud that makes you want to high-five strangers, or even bust a move or two if the feeling hits you. For me, it’s important that I do this when nobody is watching, mostly due to me being afraid they’ll misconstrue my lack of rhythm for a serious medical episode. Although I have to be quite honest, I think I cut a fair rug with this Eureka joint, and that’s high marks for achieving the impossible.

After completing my trail run of elation, I headed west a couple miles and met up with some friends at a local beach. Since the clouds had come in and the temperature dropped, we had the pleasure of enjoying an almost empty beach. I found them near the designated lifeguard tower that’d been overrun by seagulls. The perfect blend of mountains, beach, sea breeze, cool friends and the invigorating sensation of sativa flower from Sundae School made this a uniquely California experience.

Big waves of euphoria and energy are the hallmark of this flower. 

I finished the Eureka pre-roll where the good lord had meant me to finish the Eureka pre-roll—along the same longitudinal lines as its namesake town up north, and along the same latitudinal lines of that hidden gold found in every puff. The “Eureka!” moments in this pre-roll were plentiful indeed.

It wasn’t long before I melted into the sand and fell into a supremely relaxed state of mind. It was a fitting end to an action packed morning. The Eureka pre-roll had the additional benefit of acting as a great social lubricant. Its upbeat and outgoing profile makes friendly get-togethers all the richer.

This is a surprisingly long lasting pre-roll that will be among my go-tos when it comes to outdoor activities and social gatherings. A true sativa flower that, while triple stacked with distillate, kief and terpenes, manages to avoid steering you towards the upside-down world of anxiety and isolation. Instead, it acted as the remedy to just such things.

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December 1st, 2022
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