Eureka Infused Pre-Roll



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19.1% THC
Earthy, Fruity

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Expert Review


Review by Luca Belloiu

Dec 18, 2020 · 4 min read

A party packed pre-roll destined to be a staple of any sativa lover’s diet.

IN REVIEW: This infused sativa pre-roll from Sundae School guarantees an uplifting head high and euphoric experience that’ll have you flying in no time. You can expect the sort of choose-your-adventure energy that’s ready to keep you upbeat and ensure you stay engaged in whatever comes your way. So fire this up on a Saturday without an agenda and roam around town, or stock up and keep a few of these handy as your new secret weapon for any social situation.

The Eureka joint from Sundae School is a mischievous looking full-gram pre-roll that’s drenched with kief and hits as smooth as silk. This is a hiccup-free ride that reminded me as to why I fell in love with sativas in the first place. (See: “Why I Fell in Love With Sativas: The E! True Hollywood Story.”)