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Sunday Goods Indica Blend Pack


Sunday Goods' Indica Blend Pre-Roll Pack passes every test. It provides an earthy flavor, serene indica buzz, and near-perfect smoke texture. The high is typically balanced, with an uplifting spaciness that lifts you up before winding you down. When the high starts to fade, you'll be ready for a long nap. Lounge around with a book or take a walk in the setting sun to make the most of this high.

Ranked 13 of 158 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 13 of 158 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Euphoric.

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Indica Blend Pack
Product Information

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19.4% THC

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Side Effects



Granddaddy Purple, Mango Kush, Jah Goo

Terpenes Profile


Grow Environment

Sun Grown

Package Contents/Qty

Five 1g joints, Seven 0.5g joints


Versatility For The Win

This joint kept me calm and uplifted through a job hunt, cold, and concert. Can an overpriced vodka soda do that?

Sometimes the best situations for testing new weed are the everyday (albeit annoying) life circumstances you know will come back around to challenge you again. A few weeks ago, I leaned on Good Flower’s exquisite Northern Lights pre-roll to help me stay calm and focused while moving to a new apartment. This time I relied on Sunday Goods’ Indica Blend pre-roll to get through a job interview, a cold, and a post-cold concert.

In preparation for the phone interview, I spent two full days doing whatever homework I needed to do, looking up the company’s history, their re-branding, and any gaps in their marketing that I could potentially fill. Job hunting is stressful in general—even more so when it’s a gig you really want. I found Sunday Goods’ indica blend pre-roll an excellent counter to the nerves keeping me on edge. After I got to the point of nearly overwhelming myself with information, I decided at the last minute to take what I’d learned and just be myself. It seemed to work, since the phone call went well and I was offered to meet with the marketing director in person. Me: 1. Stress: 0.


I felt relaxation overtake my anxiety, and within another few moments, I was noticeably uplifted.

For this blended indica experience, Sunday Goods has combined three exceptional strains: Granddaddy Purple, Mango Kush, and Jah Goo. In doing so, they’ve achieved a flavor smooth enough to match its mouthwatering aroma. The Mango Kush stood out in particular to me, as the sweet hints of fruit and herbs blossomed upon the first few puffs. The aftertaste was pleasant, not too overpowering, and stayed just long enough to accompany the onset of the high.

Within about ten minutes, the anxiety-quelling aspects of the Jah Goo went to work. I felt relaxation overtake my anxiety, and within another few moments, I was noticeably uplifted. It started quieting the “what if” scenarios and helped me re-center before I even felt the full effects of the joint. At the strongest points, both the head and body highs left me feeling stoned but not immobile. As I’ve been assigned more indica strains to rate and review, I notice my preference for indica and indica-dominant hybrids grow in tandem. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to slow my pace and actively integrate relaxing moments throughout my daily life. While meditation has helped enormously, sometimes I want to quietly explore a spark of creativity rather than completely clear my mind.

And nothing lets you lie around, do nothing, and be in your head more than being sick. It wasn’t the flu, but it knocked me over for a day or two when it came time to try this Sunday Goods’ pre-roll a second time. Since I was already feeling tired and loopy, I hadn’t really considered smoking while battling a cold. Like most people, I go into sad-sack self pity mode when I’m unwell and tend to just sit in it until I have the energy to feel better. But a few puffs and less than half an hour later, I’d forgotten about my congestion, fatigue, slight aches, and woe-is-me syndrome. I relaxed into the kind of restorative sleep I needed in order to recover.

The biggest selling point for me ended up being its ability to replace booze.

With the worst part of the cold in my rearview mirror, I decided to put this pre-roll to my favorite and most rigorous test: a live music setting. One of my favorite bands, Deerhunter, was headlining a sold-out show at the Lodge Room in Highland Park. I’m a huge music nerd, so I was excited to see how the last few puffs I had with this pre-roll might enhance my experience. I like to be close to the action, watch the musicians, figure out who’s making what noise, and watch all the elements come together in real time. This pre-roll enhanced that experience for me in a really gentle, supremely pleasurable way.

After testing this joint in so many disparate settings, the biggest selling point for me ended up being its ability to replace booze. Sure, the soothing indica blend helped me recover from the flu and feel less stressed leading up to a job interview. But more than all of that, it helped me save money. At no point during the Deerhunter show did I feel the need to spend $12 on a two-ounce cocktail. I felt too damn good and did not want to disturb the pleasantness of the high with an overpriced vodka soda. Considering this Sunday Goods pre-roll already had extremely smooth smokability and an enticing flavor going for it, I was super pleased to discover it was a consistent lifesaver in multiple situations. So, I’d say if you’re in the market for a fairly reliable joint that keeps you calm and lifts you up, this blend is worth trying out.   


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