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Union Electric Mother's Milk Pre-Rolls


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Mother's Milk Pre-Rolls
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27.45% THC

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Nepali O, Appalachia

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Two 0.5g joints


If “Fix Your Attitude” Was A Joint

When nothing seems to be going your way, Union Electric turns that frown upside down.

IN REVIEW: Whether you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, are getting ready for a chill night in with friends, or just need an attitude adjustment, Union Electric’s Mother’s Milk Pre-roll transports you to a lazy river on a sunny day. You won’t have a care in the world as you enjoy the creamy flavor with just a hint of spice. Just let every puff from this 27.45% THC sativa pull you out of your funk so you can rejoin the party or settle into your happy place solo.

Ever have one of those days where nothing seems to be going your way? Where everyone and everything is just getting under your skin? Well, that was me this past Tuesday. I woke up with a terrible headache and everything just seemed to unravel from there.

I thought an afternoon nap might set my mind right, but when I finally snuggled under the covers to seek sweet relief, my new neighbor’s dogs would not stop yipping and yapping. Their incessant barking was so loud that I could not even think, let alone sleep.

After doing my best to ignore it, I ripped my covers off, exhaled a heavy sigh, and stomped over to my weed cart (kinda like a bar cart but with weed). I decided only one thing would get me back on track—a solo joint.

Mother’s Milk is said to offer clear-headed tranquility, making it perfect for either activity or relaxation.

I still had a few more hours of work to complete, so I was searching for a pre-roll that wouldn’t completely sweep me off my feet. I picked up a few different indica-leaning strains before the clouds parted and the heavens opened to reveal Union Electric’s Mother’s Milk Pre-roll. A potent cross of Nepali OG and Appalachia, Mother’s Milk is said to offer clear-headed tranquility, making it perfect for either activity or relaxation. This sounded like music to my ears in my time of need.

I popped open the funky tie-dye tube, plopped one joint in my hand, and gathered everything I needed to get some work done and spark up by the pool. I figured you can’t go wrong with a little sunshine and weed when you’re in a bad mood.

When I found a nice sunny spot, I finally got to light my joint. After igniting the tip, a creamy smoke began to swirl slowly around my nose as a slightly peppery taste tickled my tongue. This flower had a pleasant balance of soft and spicy notes that reminded me of a vanilla milkshake with fresh cracked pepper sprinkled on top. I know that sounds strange, but trust me, it makes for a delicious smoking experience. I continued to puff away, enjoying the complex flavors and silky smooth smoke.

I finished my pre-roll as I was juuuuust high enough. Knowing that I still had a few calls and projects to work on, I didn’t need to go all the way to the moon. The modest size worked perfectly for a solo smoke sesh, and the relief started to creep in within moments.

I took a pause before turning to my laptop to just enjoy a few breaths. A breeze quietly brushed past me and the world seemed to slowly move around me. It was almost like I was quietly floating down in a lazy river without a care in the world.

It was almost like I was quietly floating down in a lazy river without a care in the world.

I leisurely blinked my eyelids and turned back to my laptop. Even though I was enjoying my high, it did not feel like a chore to return to work. I checked my emails and got back into my to-do list with an incredibly zen attitude, my earlier woes a distant memory. Everything just felt easy. Whether it was logging into a Zoom meeting, writing an email, or researching a blog, my cool as a cucumber demeanor could not be shaken.

I started to come down from my own personal boat of chill just as the sun began to dip behind the buildings surrounding my rooftop. And to my delight, there was no hard comedown. I simply cruised into the rest of my night with a peaceful happiness.

Overall, Union Electric’s Pre-roll had some serious stress-relieving powers, which I deeply appreciated. It’s hard to strike that balance between feeling sleepy and stimulated, and I think they found the sweet spot. Plus, the vanilla-meets-spicy flavor is as unique as it is delectable. A true delight for the food-obsessed stoner. Now I know exactly what I’ll reach for the next time I need to turn my mood around without that sleepy crash. 

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November 28th, 2022
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