1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture



Product Details

33mg CBD
Coconut, Earthy
Serving Size
Light Coconut taste from MCT oil. Great for using as a tincture or adding to hot drinks like coffee or tea

Expert Review

Big Sky’s CBD Tincture: 1000mgs For Life’s Thousands Of Problems

Review by Kirk Leins

Dec 10, 2021 · 4 min read

Big Sky Extracts has added a new full-spectrum product to the treasure state’s trove.

IN REVIEW: The 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil by Big Sky Extracts is 1 ounce bottle made of pure awesomeness in Montana. A combination of full spectrum CBD and coconut MCT oil, the product contains less than 3% THC, making it a solid starting point for the cannacurious. And no matter if it’s body pain or an inability to sleep that ails you, BSX’s 1000mg oil is a legitimate answer that prompts the question—where’s it been all my life?

As a long-time THC lover, CBD always seemed rather cute to me. Something I’d recommend to someone who never fully embraced cannabis. Maybe an older relative, or a friend who was less adventurous than me. My thought process has always been why do I need CBD when there’s THC? But let it be known, I could not have been more wrong.