Purple Moods Tincture



Product Details

8.4mg THC, 2.9mg CBD
Serving Size
1ml dropper
Organic Coconut MCT Oil, Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extract, Steam-distilled Cannabis Terpenes

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

This Rich And Calming Tincture Fixes More Than Just Your Mood

Review by Samantha Mintz

Jul 22, 2020 · 4 min read

Drop this to drop into your inner-self for introspection and the reliable relief you need.

IN REVIEW: Chemistry’s top of the line products offer targeted effects that truly deliver. This Purple Moods Tincture promises to heal your pain and help you lounge and ponder. Expect moments of deep introspection and sweet relief to dominate your day before leaving you comfy and cozy on the comedown. The effects may take a bit to kick in, but when they do they make themselves known with a lasting impression.

Whether it’s the tender way you kiss your significant other after a painfully long week without them, or crafting that delicious pasta sauce your granny taught you to make when you were small, some things really are like riding a bike. No matter how much time passes, you know just what to do. For me, deadlifting is the complete opposite. Which explains why attempting my first deadlift in over two months resulted in my back being utterly wrecked and seemingly unsoothable until I tried Chemistry’s Purple Moods Tincture.

About Chemistry

Where's your weed grown? Our products are 100% natural and capture both the flavor + effect of each strain we release. Chemistry stays true to the plant you know and love.