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Chemistry Purple Moods Tincture


Ranked 58 of 108 in Sublinguals for feeling Relaxed.
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Ranked 58 of 108 in Sublinguals for feeling Relaxed.

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Purple Moods Tincture
Product Information

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8.4mg THC, 2.9mg CBD





Serving Size

1ml dropper

Package Contents/Qty

One 15ml bottle (125mg THC, 43mg CBD)

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Shelf Life

Best within 2 years of manufacture




Organic Coconut MCT Oil, Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extract, Steam-distilled Cannabis Terpenes


This Rich And Calming Tincture Fixes More Than Just Your Mood

Drop this to drop into your inner-self for introspection and the reliable relief you need.

IN REVIEW: Chemistry’s top of the line products offer targeted effects that truly deliver. This Purple Moods Tincture promises to heal your pain and help you lounge and ponder. Expect moments of deep introspection and sweet relief to dominate your day before leaving you comfy and cozy on the comedown. The effects may take a bit to kick in, but when they do they make themselves known with a lasting impression.

Whether it’s the tender way you kiss your significant other after a painfully long week without them, or crafting that delicious pasta sauce your granny taught you to make when you were small, some things really are like riding a bike. No matter how much time passes, you know just what to do. For me, deadlifting is the complete opposite. Which explains why attempting my first deadlift in over two months resulted in my back being utterly wrecked and seemingly unsoothable until I tried Chemistry’s Purple Moods Tincture.

It coats your mouth in a pleasantly delicate floral sheen.

When I say wrecked, I mean annihilated, obliterated, and partially incapacitated. Standing sucked, but sitting was even worse. Pain emanated from my lower back to send tiny sassy shockwaves throughout my body, which made the choice to try a tincture proudly declaring “heal” on its package an easy pick. And as soon as I picked it up and popped it open, I caught a far more delightful whiff than typically found in tinctures. The scent, while still somewhat subtle, provides a floral bouquet with earthy notes and a touch of coconut. And different from a lot of other cannabis products I’ve tried, it tastes exactly like it smells. The mouthfeel is rich and creamy and even taken sublingually, it coats your mouth in a pleasantly delicate floral sheen.

I went about my business, eagerly awaiting the high to kick in. But this is a product that requires patience—it took almost a full two hours to feel anything. Once I did, I quickly found myself accepting and approving of the packaging’s claim to heal. The first thing I felt was a potent body buzz. My back pain still persisted, but the soothing effects of this extracted elixir were undeniable. I felt comforted and soothed, a light-warm glow was replacing the sassy shockwaves of pain. After a little more time passed, the head high started to kick in. It was a feeling as subtle as its flavor. I felt a low-key energy, I was focused on what I was doing and I was still very aware. I could definitely see this being a great companion for unwinding with some yoga. Personally, I don’t do as much yoga as I probably should, but I relate to mindful practices through meditation and self-assessment, and this feels like the right high for settling down and looking inward. It’s not too heavy, euphoric, or buzzy. Just a consistent, calming vibe.

My soothed body grew a bit heavier as time passed, and I found myself longing for a nice warm bubble bath to sink into.

Paired with the inward reflection, I felt somewhat closed off to socializing. We’re talking major solo-sesh energy. I however was not solo, but watching my boyfriend play a little GTA 5, which was actually just the right mix of social interaction and content consumption—him lost in the game, me mindlessly watching him tear through the streets of Los Santos. This was the maximum complexity of content I was ready to absorb. As I watched, I slipped in and out of philosophical thought trains, eventually settling back down into an overall calmness. Alongside “heal,” the package boasts “lounge” and “ponder.” Inside the package is a tincture sure to fulfill each promise.

Throughout my experience with this tincture, I felt relaxed and zen. My soothed body grew a bit heavier as time passed, and I found myself longing for a nice warm bubble bath to sink into as I sank further into the high. Eventually the lounging, ponder, and healing sensations faded away, and the high quietly wore off, leaving me sleepy and ready for bed. Something I desperately needed after surviving another day of damaged back muscles. This is the sort of high that ends with it gently wrapping around your body, and holding you softly as it fades into a farewell like the credits rolling at the end of a film. Which is exactly how I felt as I donned my finest PJs and burrowed under the covers, ready to drift off, and maybe even revisit a few thought trains somewhere in dreamland.

In the end, Chemistry’s Purple Moods Tincture was the right choice for managing my pain and letting my mind wander and unwind. It came to my rescue in my time of need and extended an invite to enjoy the nothingness of mindlessness. So whether you’re sore from your sorry attempts at getting swole, or just looking for a companion for a warm and cozy bubble bath, be sure to consider a drop of Purple Moods. 

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November 28th, 2022
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