The Remedy THC Tincture


Product Details

16.7mg THC
Lemon, Lime
Serving Size
1 dropper (0.25ml)
Safflower oil, cannabis extract, lemon flavoring, lime flavoring

Product Description

Mary's Medicinals' The Remedy THC Tincture has an herbal flavor, and it typically delivers an uplifting high. Consider mixing this tincture into some hot chocolate for a comfortable evening of blankets and binge-watching with a partner. You might be inclined to take a nap when the high starts to fade, so plan accordingly.

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About Mary's Medicinals

Mary's Medicinals collaborates with top physicians and expert scientists to develop innovative cannabis therapies that allow people to take control of their own wellness with highly targeted, results-driven methods. As a result, their organic cannabis extract and advanced delivery systems are of the highest quality and standards, maximizing the benefits of natural plant medicine for patients and recreational users alike. You can count on their reliable and consistent dosages to have your back and keep you on track on even the toughest of days.

Expert Review

Zoney Stoney Vibes

Review by Katie Phillips

Jan 22, 2021 · 5 min read

This Mary’s Medicinals Remedy is one you might not remember.

IN REVIEW: Mary’s Medicinals The Remedy THC Tincture provides reliable relief from aches, pains and anxiety. Whether you’re looking for comfort in a functional form or something to put you down for the day, this tincture can do it all. Start with a third of a dropper for 5mg of THC and a high that’s perfect for helping with post-workout pain, or take down a whole dropper and become one with the couch for hours. And the citrusy flavor makes this a great go-to both day and night, as it goes just as well with your favorite tea as it does a cocktail.

It was a nice start to the week—a lovely Monday with a laundry list of things to do and emails to get out. I woke up early and had my usual avocado toast, fried egg, and cup of coffee, but it felt like I needed a little something extra to get things going. I didn’t want to overdo it with another cup of joe, and was looking for a boost without the caffeine. I often like to wake and bake, and it seemed like it was the perfect time to try a smokeless sesh with the air quality being as bad as it had. The fires in Southern California were still raging, and I needed to give my lungs a break. Mary’s Medicinals The Remedy THC Tincture seemed like the perfect fit. It’s a tincture free of synthetic additives, and it offers 16.67% full-spectrum THC per .25ml dropper. As far as taste is concerned, I quickly found it to be an excellent morning product, and I was looking forward to a nice elevated buzz to kickstart my day.

 It has a subtle citrus scent, making it a perfect pairing with breakfast. 

Haven’t heard about Mary’s Medicinals? The brand started in 2013 with the first transdermal cannabis patch, and they’ve since branched out into topicals, vape pens, tinctures and capsules. Their goal is to provide patients with a better quality of life through plant-based ingredients and innovations—and by merging modern technology with established horticulture practices, their products allow for the easy integration of the therapeutic power of cannabis into one’s daily routine.

Needless to say, I was ready to have this tincture help me navigate my day! It has a subtle citrus scent that's not overpowering, making it a perfect pairing with breakfast. I filled the dropper up to just about the recommended dose of .25ml to start things off. Seeing as I’d never tried any of their products, I wanted to play it safe and start slow. After all, it’s always easier to add effects than it is to get rid of ‘em.

As I started to knock out some emails, I began to feel a little buzz. A brief energetic and uplifting feeling came over me. I felt focused and jazzed, and I was ready to get things done. But that seemed like a mere introduction to what was about to make its way to the surface. This tincture took about two hours for the actual effects to show up. An overpowering high quickly ramped up, and it was hard to complete what I was working on. While the 16mg dose of THC could be a lot for some people (it’s three times the recommended dose for those just starting out) it’s not a lot for me. So I was quite surprised with how it affected me. I felt drowsy, intoxicated and in and out of a dramatically funky high for hours. I was sluggish and jittery at the same time. Since this ended up being the wrong product to assist productivity, I took a little break from my to-do list and just chilled. My breath slowed down a bit too much, but it also could have been the dry mouth sensation that made it feel a little more dramatic.

While the dose wasn’t for me, it’s hard to say whether or not the tincture itself is. I think that if I stuck to a lesser dose I could have ridden my initial uplifting energy through my tasks as intended, but going full bore kind of made this high a chore. So I’d recommend starting with a third of a dose before soldiering on. Since there was no info on the box about the extract they use, I looked up the batch number to see if it could provide some more insight on why I felt the way I did. I saw there was a bit more THC in this bottle than it mentioned, and the terpenes were more on the relaxing side. So with the dose I took, it made sense that it seemed like it was more for zoning out than honing in.

Those waves of being stoned stayed around for double-digit hours.

Those waves of being stoned stayed around for double-digit hours, which is some great staying power if that's what you’re looking for. And if you need some extra-strength pain relief, or a heavy zone-out-on-the-couch sesh, this tincture is for you. Lower doses could also make it an everyday tincture perfect for battling stress and anxiety, just don’t expect to be productive. But heed my warning even if you want the full dose, start with a third of dropper and build from there, you can always take more. Even though this tincture just wasn’t the right product for me, if you’re looking to zone out for hours or get reliable relief from aches and pains, you can never go wrong with the medicinal properties of Mary’s.