Herban Wisdom Facial Oil - 1oz


Herban Wisdom Is The Weed Your Face Needs

Review by D. Barrett

Oct 05, 2021 · 4 min read

Humanist Beauty crafts cannabis-infused beauty products with a higher purpose.

IN REVIEW: All natural and dedicated to the lifelong practice of self-love, Herban Wisdom from Humanist Beauty is the perfect product to add to your post-shower routine. It’s hydrating, healthy, and exists to help foster harmony between people and the planet. Which is to say this brand is as committed to sustainability and social equity as it is helping you supplement your skincare regimen. So grabbing a bottle won’t just make your face glow, it will also give you a chance to improve the well-being of the marginalized members of your community.

I’ve spent much of my adult life lathering on facial creams and lotions for a variety of reasons from general moisturizing and exfoliating to protecting my skin from the ravages of environmental exposure and plain old time. And while I’ve been a slave to every revolutionary concoction that accompanies the latest research in skincare technology, in the last five years, I’ve been all about facial oils.

The botanicals smell heavenly.

For me, facial oils are the queen bee of luxury in the realm of skincare. They hydrate so much more intensely than creams or lotions, and you can see and feel a soothing boost of moisture within seconds of applying. With my nightly skincare regimen, I’ve discovered that facial oils deliver results in a dewy, lavish way with which creams, lotions, and serums simply can’t compete.

So needless to say, I was super excited to try Humanist Beauty’s Herban Wisdom Facial Oil. Especially when you consider the healing properties of hemp and CBD.

First off, I’m stoked that Humanist Beauty is a brand with a conscience that cares about the planet and all of its inhabitants. Their products are Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free (super important to me) and they give back 3% of total gross revenues to nonprofits that benefit marginalized and underserved communities. The environmentally friendly packaging is also a big hit since I’ve desperately been trying to reduce the amount of plastic waste in my life. I was psyched to find a charming, glass apothecary bottle when I unwrapped the lovely little recycled paper cylinder this oil is packaged in.

Humanist Beauty has designed their oil with a dropper dispenser as opposed to providing a pump bottle–a popular alternative for most oils. Droppers are the best because you have total control over how much product you use. Sprays and pumps tend to result in excess oil with every application, so you burn through the stuff much more quickly (meaning less bang for the buck).

I prefer applying Herban Wisdom right before bedtime, as I see it as more than your typical facial oil. Personally, this qualifies as a relaxation tool, and I highly recommend watching the application video on the Humanist Beauty web page. As recommended, I started by putting a few drops in my palm before warming the oil between my hands as I slowly took a few deep breaths. The botanicals smell heavenly. After warming the oil, I gently pressed it into my skin, starting with my chest and neck, then working my way up to my temples.

This oil leaves my skin with a long-lasting, radiant afterglow, which is divine.

The potent odor of hemp, when added to skincare, can be a bit heavy, but don’t be put off by the earthy aroma. In my experience, the oil dissipates quickly as you apply it, melting into your skin and leaving it with a nice natural scent. If you have a highly sensitive sniffer, you may want to start with just one or two drops at a time. I personally alternate applications, using the oil every other night.

The result? This oil leaves my skin with a long-lasting, radiant afterglow, which is divine. I have fairly sensitive skin, so trying new skincare sometimes results in surprise chin acne. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case with this particular oil, most likely because the ingredients are natural and not synthetic.

Each bottle is enriched with the calming and healing benefits of high-quality, organic, full-spectrum CBD, and after a couple weeks of use, I can really see a difference in the texture and suppleness of my skin. It just looks and feels healthier. In addition to CBD, this facial oil combines many other amazing, naturally derived ingredients to create a recipe that is wonderfully nourishing.

To name just a few, sunflower seed oil helps protect the skin’s moisture barrier, coriander seed oil is rich in vitamin C for brighter skin, and squalene is a popular lightweight adaptogen that responds to your skin's needs and works to restore elasticity. To top it all off, their formulas are clean, free of GMOs, dyes, parabens, phthalates, and harsh petroleum-derived ingredients. And as an added bonus, Humanist Beauty’s facial oil is third-party “triple-tested” to confirm both purity and the quality of their ingredients. My verdict - this oil is good stuff, and I’m happy I discovered this little gem as a new nighttime go-to. 

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