THC Indica Transdermal Patch



Product Details

18.64mg THC
Serving Size
1 patch
Acrylic, glycol, lecithin, oleic acid, cannabis extract, eucalyptol, and terpenes

Product Description

Mary's Medicinals Transdermal Indica Patch looks and feels like a waterproof Band-Aid. Best used for chronic aches and pains, you can expect to feel relief within an hour of application. Try it on the inside of the wrist or another veinous part of the skin (just remember what it feels like to rip off a Band-Aid). These patches are ideal when placed on a veinous part of the body such as top of the foot or inside of the wrist. Clean and thoroughly dry area prior to application. Press patch firmly onto skin after removing the clear plastic lining. The patch has a lasting effect of up to 12 hours and should be worn continuously.

Expert Review

Hail Mary

Review by Luca Belloiu

Feb 18, 2021 · 4 min read

Mary’s Medicinals Indica Transdermal Patch offers a cutting-edge microdose option for both pain and pleasure.

IN REVIEW: Mary’s Indica Transdermal Patch offers an under-the-radar experience and reliable relief. Whether you’re suffering from insomnia, aches or anxiety, this patch releases a steady stream of THC that’ll make a bad day better, or a good day great. It’s just as solid for patients who can’t smoke as it is those simply looking for a healthier option, and if you want the same intake experience with different effects, they also come in Sativa, CBN, CBD, THCa, and 1:1 CBD to THC.

This was a new one for me. Prior to this experience, I didn’t even know what a transdermal patch was. Now I sing its praises as a great way to microdose throughout the day without ever lighting up or gorging on edibles. I dutifully followed the instructions and applied this patch to a veiny part of my body. I thought long and hard about where to apply it, and decided that the inside of my wrist would do. As billed, this newfangled THC delivery system took about 20 minutes to take hold. I felt a wave of calm wash over me almost as if I was being tucked into a warm bed by some sort of motherly phantom.

About Mary's Medicinals

Mary's Medicinals collaborates with top physicians and expert scientists to develop innovative cannabis therapies that allow people to take control of their own wellness with highly targeted, results-driven methods. As a result, their organic cannabis extract and advanced delivery systems are of the highest quality and standards, maximizing the benefits of natural plant medicine for patients and recreational users alike. You can count on their reliable and consistent dosages to have your back and keep you on track on even the toughest of days.