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Want targeted relief from chronic pain, muscle aches, skin disorders, and even insect bites? The 1:3 THC Rich Comfort Balm from SeaWeed Naturals’ offers a soothing therapeutic mix of essential oils with hints of lavender & lemon that will soothe and relax while transporting you to the Mediterranean. All of our topical products combine cannabis with seaweed and DHA Omega 3’s from algae; scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, help treat chronic pain, hydrate, minimize fine lines, promote collagen production, boost radiance, and help treat hyperpigmentation in skin.

Moving Hurts—So Bring on the SeaWeed Naturals

Review by Kelly Graham

Jun 07, 2022 · 4 min read

Harness the power of the ocean and cannabis to soothe sore muscles and joints.

IN REVIEW: No matter how you slice it, moving is a real pain in the butt. Or maybe knees, back and neck, but either way, it doesn’t have to be! SeaWeed Naturals 1:3 THC to CBD Body Comfort Balm delivers some serious relief to muscles and joints with a blend of kelp, cannabis, and essential oils. Founded by Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau, SeaWeed Naturals is on a mission to bring you peace, but it also aims to contribute to the shared goal of achieving a thriving planet. Meaning it will help get you going on tougher days, and give back with every purchase. 

Fun fact about me: I have moved apartments almost every single year for the last decade. The not-so-fun part? I’ve also aged a decade and my joints are not afraid to let me know it. Plus, I’ve had one knee surgery and two hip surgeries over the years, making my nomadic life all the more difficult. Needless to say, my 31-year-old joints have been putting in work, and sometimes they need a little assistance.

So when I had my thirteenth move on the horizon (don’t ask me why I do this to myself, I don’t have the answers), I decided to do the adult thing and be prepared with SeaWeed Naturals 1:3 Body Comfort Balm. I was not only intrigued by the THC-rich formula and the addition of sustainably-farmed kelp, but also by the brand’s commitment to ocean conservation.

Seaweed, like the kelp used in this product, actually absorbs CO2 which helps to produce healthy marine ecosystems. This super-powered plant may also help to protect shorelines, supply oxygen, and elevate the pH in the water, thus locally reducing the effects of ocean acidification and de-oxygenation.

I massaged it delicately into my joints, and the balm almost completely disappeared after a few gentle circles.

I never knew that seaweed could do all that! Before I even put the body balm onto my skin, I was already feeling really positive. Like I was contributing in a small way to something much bigger than myself. Now I was almost looking forward to my knees aching just so I could truly put this product to the test.

And after four hours of packing up my cargo van, my wish came true. Just like clockwork, my creaky joints were screaming for a dose of relief. With the van packed and ready to go, I slumped into the passenger seat and slathered a small dollop of the product onto my skin. It had a solid texture at first that melted into my skin as it warmed up. I massaged it delicately into my joints, and the balm almost completely disappeared after a few gentle circles.

The warmth of my skin also activated the aromatherapeutic essential oils and brought them to life. It was a refreshing yet invigorating blend of soothing lavender and energizing lemon, accented by a whisper of crisp mint. The aroma instantly whisked me away to a calmer state of mind, like I was enjoying the fresh morning air on a veranda nestled on the French coastline.

A far cry from the Bengay days of old, that’s for sure. My partner got a whiff as he hopped in the driver’s seat, and he couldn’t resist applying some to his sore lower back as well.

With both of our battle wounds treated, we were ready to hit the road. This was a cross country move, so we had a five-hour leg ahead of us on our way from LA to Vegas.

The SeaWeed salve continued to work throughout the drive, proving that even a two-hour, cramp-inducing traffic jam was no match.

As I stared out the window, silently saying goodbye to the city that I called home, my muscles seemed to soften in place. Like butter that had been left on the counter all day. They breathed a deep sigh of relief as the balm continued to soak deeper through my epidermis. The deep, showstopping ache I felt just a few minutes prior had dulled to a soft murmur of discomfort.

I was impressed to find that the SeaWeed salve continued to work throughout the drive, proving that even a two-hour, cramp-inducing traffic jam was no match. As our five-hour drive slowly crawled into a seven-hour extravaganza, I reapplied the balm the moment my knee began to call out in the stop-and-go traffic, and its outcry was quelled within minutes. A true feat, if you ask me. My partner even remarked that his back pain did not return after the first application earlier in the day.

When we finally pulled into our hotel and plopped on the couch of our suite, our bodies felt ready to explore, instead of crawling straight into bed. I even put on heels! Something that I could not have done had it not been for the soothing properties of SeaWeed Natural’s THC-rich Comfort Balm. So whether you’re moving, dealing with chronic achy joints or just want to treat yourself to a hand massage, do yourself a favor and grab SeaWeed Naturals Body Comfort Balm and wave goodbye to any pesky and persistent pain. 

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