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82% THC, <2% CBD

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Expert Review

High Potency, Higher Potential

Review by Luca Belloiu

Aug 12, 2020 · 4 min read

Control your creativity and elevate your process with this powerful and precise pen from dosist.

IN REVIEW: This all-in-one vape contains pure cannabis oil and a terpene profile formulated to elicit a sense of bliss. While the product is quite potent, each metered, three-second pull provides just 2.5mg of oil, giving you 100 chances to boost your energy, creativity, and overall outlook. Expect to feel truly uplifted. The doseable aspect of this pen makes it a great place to start for those new to cannabis, and as with all disposable pens, please recycle responsibly!

The bliss thc-plus dose pen by dosist is a futuristic-looking vaporizer that offers a precise 2.5mg dose of THC with every pull. After about three seconds, a small vibration lets you know that you’ve inhaled the allotted dose, and the oil is no longer released. It made me think of those Smartender machines you see on booze bottles in Las Vegas. The ones that give you precise pours, and are the bane of any college student on a budget who’s just looking to be topped off after losing a chunk of their tuition money at the blackjack tables. But for the cannabis market, this dosing governor can be the difference between a chill experience and an anxiety-ridden nightmare.

About dosist

dosist is an all-in-one vape brand driven by science and the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Each product is designed to treat a specific ailment so you can enjoy life as a fully functional and happy human. From the temperature settings to the measured dose, every element is thought out for you so you can simply puff and go. You can even look up the lab test of your product with its batch number.