Bubba Kush AiroPro


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86.05% THC
Sweet, Chocolate, Coffee

Product Description

This AiroPro cart is smooth from the first hit to the last. Bubblegum flavors will help you unwind as you’re enveloped by the thick vapor from their proprietary vape. This Bubba Kush strain cart provides the perfect backyard party high that’ll give you the munchies enough to kill the BBQ without making you a ravenous monster. A perfect go-to for a punch of euphoria that will settle any lingering anxiety. See our full review below.

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Expert Review

Hubba Bubba, Meet Bubba Kush

Review by Chris Palamino

Jun 26, 2020 · 5 min read

Be done with your day before you say hello to this heavy high

IN REVIEW: AiroPro’s Bubba Kush comes in at a healthy 86.05% THC, and the reintroduction of a full terpene profile means the tranquilizing effects will hit even harder. This is a high best reserved for a day off, as any mission you had to get some work done will be halted by the first hit. Sweet bubblegum flavor and smooth smoke will instantly unwind you and leave you zoning out in no time. 

As a professional musician and composer, cannabis plays a really important part in my productivity and workflow throughout my day. Besides my cup of coffee in the morning, I can’t think of a ritual more integral to feeling creative and productive. I primarily work from my home studio, which has given me the opportunity to experiment with many different types of products and the various highs they provide, all in the interest of finding that perfect alchemy of creative flow and focus.

Experience has taught me that a high is only as good as the context in which you’re experiencing it. If I want to watch a movie and zone out, I will enjoy a much different type of high than if I’m looking for something to uplift, energize, and inspire me. So, in the context of my workday, I have to be careful. Getting high can open a lot of doors for my creative mind, but it can also backfire and completely stop me dead in my tracks. The AiroPro Strain series Bubba Kush oil is one of these products where it spells disaster for a workday, but is pure magic if you’re ready to knock off early.

I didn’t feel heavy or weighed down, but more like I’d just stepped into a nice warm bath.

When I took the first pull, the oil hit my lips with a slight bubble gum flavor. It was very smokable and smooth, and had a subtle aftertaste that didn’t overstay its welcome. I felt a calming aura wrap around me almost instantly. This calm started at the top of my head, moved through my shoulders, and followed my spine down to my lower back—soothing all my muscles as it traveled. I let out a sigh as I reclined and melted into my chair. The high became deeper, and soon my whole body was relaxed. I didn’t feel heavy or weighed down, but more like I’d just stepped into a nice warm bath.

My mind calmed as well. The repetitive thoughts that had been flying around my head were suddenly grounded and the skies were clear. It was like the silence you feel after someone turns off a static tv that you weren’t even aware was on. Relief and relaxation swept through and my mind was blank.

“Wow - such clarity, I haven’t a thought in the world!” I said to myself. And so, with a smile on my face, I set back to do some work.

The funny thing about a high that clears your mind is that it tends to do so indiscriminately. I couldn’t hold any thought in my head. I simply didn’t have the mental energy. As it turns out, being zen can really grind your workday to a halt, so while my inner-peace was at an all-time high, my productivity was at a low. Without any desire to do something, I didn’t do anything. I sat silently, with that classic middle-distance-stoner-stare, losing track of time until my meditative state was interrupted by hunger. I will often battle the munchies when I’m high, and I find most typically that the more relaxing the strain, the harder the fight becomes.

So I kicked up my feet, bag of cookies on my stomach, and I began to relax with the power of 50 retirees.

One whole bag of grapes later, I was back to my busy schedule of staring at my computer cursor. I tried to dig back into some of my real work, but would drift off and catch myself completely daydreaming about nothing. After several rounds of this, I decided to stop spitting against the wind and give myself up to the high. I let it take me where it wanted me to go. In this circumstance, it wanted me to go lie down on the couch. (And maybe pick up some cookies on the way!) It was the most frustratingly pleasant experience I’ve had. Fight all you want, friend: this high is gonna make you relax, and you’re gonna like it. So I kicked up my feet, bag of cookies on my stomach, and I began to relax with the power of 50 retirees.

After about 30-45 minutes, the high began to drift away. I expected to feel burnt out and tired, but to my surprise, the high was leaving me with a refreshed feeling. A warm energy was running throughout my body, and I felt rejuvenated. Despite this feeling, I had a hard time regaining focus and starting my workday back up. Just like getting a little drunk at lunch, it’s nearly impossible to recapture the momentum you’ve lost. Those who use cannabis during their workday should tread lightly. Unless you’re ready to say, “It’s five o’clock somewhere,” this oil is best used on the weekends, or after you’ve gotten what you wanted out of the day.