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The gratifying taste and ease of use altered my perception of cartridges and set a new standard of expectations.



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Vape pen cartridge made to work with a vape pen battery. Unless otherwise noted, works with the industry standard 5-10 thread vaporizer battery. Screw it in (sometimes press the button), and inhale.

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Dry Mouth


Haze, Northern Lights, Shiva Skunk

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500mg cartridge, 1g cartridge


This Live Resin Cartridge Took Me To New Heights

For someone who doesn't normally vibe with vapes, this one changed my perspective on the category as a whole.

When it comes to consuming cannabis concentrates—AKA dabbing—the process is a ritual, a practice in mindfulness through each step from start to finish. I almost exclusively dab solventless extracts out of heady glass rigs. Though that doesn’t mean I don’t also appreciate a solid vape cartridge every now and then. 

It’s no secret the combination of portability, ease of use, and discretion has made vapes incredibly popular among a wide range of people. Some people are mostly looking to get high on the go, while others simply seek to sesh incognito. Occasionally, I’ll even carry a vape pen when bar-hopping on the weekend. And here in Los Angeles, I’m definitely not alone.

Unsurprisingly, the market has experienced a massive influx of vapes, many of which vary substantially in quality, functionality, and consistency. Oddly enough, the technology that makes vaporizers and vape cartridges so convenient is also its greatest caveat. I’ve burned much more cash than I’d like to admit on various cartridges, only to have them stop working halfway through a concert or sporting event. But with so many available options, where do consumers even begin to wade through the deluge of carts, pens, and other devices, or separate the good from the bad with any sense of certainty?

That's where Alpine’s Jack Herer Live Resin cartridge comes into play.

Much of the difficulty in the vape selection process stems from the fact that almost all carts look nearly identical—especially to the general consumer. For the most part, though, each will consist of an atomizer, a clear tank, and a mouthpiece. The distillate, or oil, in the tanks tends to be similar in color even if the source flower differs in strain lineage or was made utilizing different extraction methods. Generally, it's difficult to glean any aromatic indicators through the mouthpiece. The live resin cartridge I tried by Alpine certainly has the visual profile of the industry standard. But it also features a wider mouthpiece opening than most other branded vapes, which translates to streamlined airflow and usability. The opening in the mouthpiece allows the terpene-packed aromas of the distillate to escape, providing a better representation of the actual product within the cartridge. The robust, skunky aroma of the Jack Herer pops and kept inviting me back for second and third whiffs.

No joke, I didn’t think a cartridge could actually smell so pleasant. And if you're like me and enjoy the sweet aromas, you’ll really appreciate the flavor that accompanies them.

The taste is full and pronounced but not so strong that it’s offensive. Even if this is not your preferred terpene profile, you may still enjoy Alpine’s Jack Herer Live Resin simply for the quality of the smoking experience it provides. The atomizer heats quickly with a standard 510 threaded battery, and that wide mouthpiece gives it a smooth, unrestricted draw. I was able to hit the pen without experiencing any technical issues or feeling like I was trying to suck a golfball through a straw—something that happens all too often with subpar vapes.

The Jack Herer strain provided an uplifting high without leaving me debilitated, and it paired well with most activities—everything from going out for drinks to staying in and having sex. Alpine’s Jack Herer Live Resin cartridge would be an excellent complement to a concert in an outdoor music venue, especially if the venue was strict on cannabis usage precisely because it is so discreet.

To reiterate, I generally don’t prefer vape cartridges because of the above mentioned variability in quality, but I recognize an exceptional one when I use it. The gratifying taste and ease of use altered my perception of cartridges and set a new standard of expectations.

The gratifying taste and ease of use altered my perception of cartridges and set a new standard of expectations.

Drawing on the Alpine cartridge was effortless and drastically different from the laborious effort required to siphon hits from competitor products. The aromas from the mouthpiece were reinforced by the lemon flavor of the vapor that sits on the palate for just the right amount of time. The distillate taste was surprisingly smooth and not to be lampooned like the pejoratively-termed “hot-dog-flavored” cartridges on the market.

Within minutes of the first hit, I felt the onset of the euphoric effects. The head high skewed cerebral and inspired a creative thought process without the jitteriness commonly associated with sativas. As the sun set, I passed the vape around while meeting for drinks on the beachside patio of a local bar. The discretion of the vape pen made for the perfect method for our on-the-low public consumption. Feelings of joy and relaxation accompanied the head high, which made waiting for our food much more tolerable. I didn’t experience the “munchies” in the traditional sense, but I did exhibit a heightened appreciation for the flavors of my food. Even after continuous usage and a full meal, I didn’t feel lethargically high, heavy, or exhausted. I spent the rest of the evening bouncing between bars, ripping the vape pen along the way for a sustained sense of elevation.

Although buying a vape cartridge can feel like a game of roulette at times, Alpine Jack Herer Live Resin serves as a reminder that sometimes the gamble is worth the potential reward.

Despite looking like others on the market, the functionality and taste of the Alpine vape cartridge is unlike any I’ve ever used. Alpine is an established brand available at many retailers, but prices for the Jack Herer Live Resin cartridge can vary anywhere from $40-$70/g depending on the location. With such wide availability and variance in price, it would be worth your time to comparison shop for the best deal in your area. Vape cartridges still have plenty of room for improvement in both design and efficacy. But if you’re tired of the guessing game that goes into buying one, check out the Jack Herer Live Resin by Alpine. It may be the vape solution you’ve been seeking to all of your cartridge-related problems.

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