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Alpine Vapor Lavender Ice Cream


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Lavender Ice Cream
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Lavender, Ice Cream

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300mg disposable vape


This Pen Was Made For Slumber Parties

Warning: Sleep porn ahead. NSFW unless your office allows napping.

Imagine a softly rumbling thunderstorm late on a cool summer evening. Your window is open and a consistent breeze flows through your room as the sweet scent of summer rain wafts in. You switch your phone to Do Not Disturb, read a chapter of your favorite book, and tuck yourself into bed. That blissful sleep state starts to wash over you. The only way to make this night even better? Alpine Vapor’s Lavender Ice Cream Disposable Vape Pen. Yes, my friends, this disposable indica vape pen is that good.

I was pleasantly surprised with the subtle lavender and butterscotch taste, grateful Alpine didn’t take the sickly sweet route.

If you haven’t heard of Alpine Vapors by now, well…. welcome! Glad you’re here. Known for their sleek, discreet disposable vape pens and cartridges, Alpine Vapor’s dedication to solvent/contaminate/plant-matter-free product makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside by choosing to consume their products. The sleek silver design of their disposables are quite elegant, and I must admit that I’ve felt kinda cool whipping their pens out at parties (even if this pen would only be suitable for a slumber party). As more cannabis brands flood the market, dedication to consistent, high-quality product is becoming more and more important in legalized states. Alpine Vapor has consistently branded themselves as a company that doesn’t fuck around with consumer safety, and the inner hall monitor in me appreciates this.

The first time I tried the Lavender Ice Cream vape was during a late-night TV binge under the influence of minor insomnia. The usual everyday worries were keeping me awake (What does my boss really think of me? Can one truly go “off the grid” in this day and age? Why do we have five toes if we don’t need all of them to balance while walking?), and Lavender Ice Cream promised to mellow me out. The first hit was deliciously smooth. I was pleasantly surprised with the subtle lavender and butterscotch taste, grateful Alpine didn’t take the sickly sweet route. The vapor was pleasantly aromatic and thankfully didn’t linger, and discretion always gets points in my book. And the effect? The purest calm and gentle sleepy high I’ve experienced in a long while. This particular disposable vape has become one of my absolute favorite indica vape pens for whenever I’m in need of a quick trip to sleepy time.

I would say that Alpine Vapor has created this product for people who want to sleep well—and when I say well, I mean really well. The taste is gorgeously aromatic and clean, lingering just long enough to get a subtle taste before it dissipates, and the high has been consistent and effective each time I’ve used it. As far as product longevity, I’ve been using this particular pen for a few weeks now, and it’s surprisingly long-lasting as far as disposables go. A true body high enhances sleepiness and a pleasant head buzz helps clear out cobwebs that would otherwise keep me awake. With this pen, my limbs feel lightweight, my muscles are soothed, and the warm vibration across my brain makes it hard not to close my eyes.

Still, sleepy-time vibes aren’t for everyone. Apparently, there are people out there who have a perfectly easy time falling asleep and even though I don’t know any of them personally, I’ve heard they exist. So, if you are one of those freaky, naturally-relaxed-at-all-times types or are simply looking for a more active high, I would absolutely stay away from Lavender Ice Cream and select one of Alpine’s sativa pens (Orange Julius, anyone?). But if you are looking for sleep, pick this pen up ASAP. As far as pricing goes, I’ve seen them retail for $35, which is a relatively low sticker price in my mind considering the quality alone.

If you are looking for sleep, pick this pen up ASAP.

All in all, Lavender Ice Cream is one of my favorite disposable indica vape pens—period. It provides a reliable experience every single time I consume and I find myself reaching for it when sleep doesn’t come so easily. I’d recommend this product to anyone who’s looking for an easy, clean, and accessible THC-aided path to chilling the fuck out.  

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