Blue Dream Live Resin Cartridge - .5g



Product Details

76.31% THC, 0.44% CBD, 2.18% CBG, 0.57% CBN, 0.5% CBC, 0.43% THCV
Blueberry, Earthy

Product Description

This Bloom live resin cartridge retains all of its cannabinoids and terpenes to provide an experience nearly identical to smoking Blue Dream flower itself. Flavor, effects and aromas all come together to give you solid experience in a concealable, half-gram cart. Expect to feel uplifted, focused and energetic as creativity and a light body buzz take over your day. The creative vibe leans more experimental than knocking shit out, so jump into a new project you’re trying to explore instead of trying to hack away at a defined checklist.

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

This Blue Dream is All Smoke, No Mirrors

Review by Samantha Mintz

Jun 09, 2020 · 6 min read

This true blue live resin cart provides straightforward, clean effects again and again

IN REVIEW: Indulge in this live resin that really makes you feel, well...alive. This cartridge delivers an enhanced experience impressively close to the flower it comes from, so you can expect a creative euphoria to lift you up into a highly productive state before gently setting you back down into the flow of the rest of your day. Those prone to racy highs should tread lightly, but once you settle in you can take this high anywhere you wish—day or night. 

Despite countless pieces of what are at best creative and clever marketing, and at worst outright lies, the reality is that smoking most concentrates produces a substantially different experience than smoking flower. There are many reasons for this, and most boil down to the chemistry behind crafting each product. Many concentrates are rendered into a distillate form using solvents, which can strip away many of the beneficial compounds found in flower. These cannabinoids that are taken out contribute to the overall sensation of being “high.” The inconsistencies found because of this are why I typically prefer sticking to flower, but this vape is different. Live resins are produced through pressure and heat, allowing the final product to retain all of the wonderful terpenes and other stuff distillates leave behind. So I approached this Bloom Blue Dream Live Resin Cartridge with new and open eyes, and found myself questioning everything I thought I knew about concentrates in general.

About Bloom Brands

Based in Los Angeles, Bloom Brands has been blessed with access to the highest quality cannabis in the country. Their team has collectively worked in the industry as growers, budtenders, scientists and engineers for years, and while they officially started crafting cannabis products in 2014, they’ve been consuming them for much longer. Which all equates to a team of passionate stoners and borderline weed-snobs who strive to share the gift of cannabis with everyone they meet.