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This Bloom live resin cartridge retains all of its cannabinoids and terpenes to provide an experience nearly identical to smoking Blue Dream flower itself. Flavor, effects and aromas all come together to give you solid experience in a concealable, half-gram cart. Expect to feel uplifted, focused and energetic as creativity and a light body buzz take over your day. The creative vibe leans more experimental than knocking shit out, so jump into a new project you’re trying to explore instead of trying to hack away at a defined checklist.

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The info below is based on at least three sessions completed by Proper Cannabis Committee members.

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Ranked 162 of 317 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.

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Quotes from the Raters

Blue Dream Live Resin Cartridge - .5g
Product Information

Before the committee gets their hands on the product and formally rates it, the Proper team scrapes the product packaging, scours the internet, and occasionally calls the brand directly to hunt down the most accurate information about each product.


76.31% THC, 0.44% CBD, 2.18% CBG, 0.57% CBN, 0.5% CBC, 0.43% THCV

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Blueberry, Haze

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500mg cartridge


This Blue Dream is All Smoke, No Mirrors

This true blue live resin cart provides straightforward, clean effects again and again

IN REVIEW: Indulge in this live resin that really makes you feel, well...alive. This cartridge delivers an enhanced experience impressively close to the flower it comes from, so you can expect a creative euphoria to lift you up into a highly productive state before gently setting you back down into the flow of the rest of your day. Those prone to racy highs should tread lightly, but once you settle in you can take this high anywhere you wish—day or night. 

Despite countless pieces of what are at best creative and clever marketing, and at worst outright lies, the reality is that smoking most concentrates produces a substantially different experience than smoking flower. There are many reasons for this, and most boil down to the chemistry behind crafting each product. Many concentrates are rendered into a distillate form using solvents, which can strip away many of the beneficial compounds found in flower. These cannabinoids that are taken out contribute to the overall sensation of being “high.” The inconsistencies found because of this are why I typically prefer sticking to flower, but this vape is different. Live resins are produced through pressure and heat, allowing the final product to retain all of the wonderful terpenes and other stuff distillates leave behind. So I approached this Bloom Blue Dream Live Resin Cartridge with new and open eyes, and found myself questioning everything I thought I knew about concentrates in general.

It was the kind of high where every part of the experience felt enhanced, from creative conversations to your sense of taste and smell.

I decided to try this cartridge on a day where the quarantine blues were really getting to me. Is anyone else stuck in a city and missing mountains so much you started crying because that one song came on that you always listen to as soon as you get to Mammoth, but you weren’t at Mammoth, you were stuck in your house for what feels like the 928357th day in a row? Just me?

Anyway, I felt a bit down, lethargic, and even a bit disconnected. But even with my mild skepticism of vapes, I held a smidgen of optimism when I saw this particular cartridge was Blue Dream, one of my all-time favorite strains. I love the creative, uplifting, and euphoric vibes this strain consistently delivers, regardless of the grower. And despite not being in flower form, Bloom’s variant didn’t let me down. It had a distinct and delicious aroma, which is always impressive coming from an extract, but not surprising considering it was a live resin. Fruity and sweet notes filled my nostrils, and there was even a subtle creaminess to the smell. I took a few very smooth and comfortable hits, and I was immediately greeted with the familiar flavor I’ve come to expect from any decent iteration of the strain: sweet, sweet blueberries. Needless to say, things were off to a great start.

The first wave of the high really impressed me—it was wildly consistent with your classic Blue Dream high. It hit me like a loud, but playful clap. I felt a gentle euphoria, and palpable mood shift. I was happier, inspired, and ready to riff creative ideas with my boyfriend. My senses were heightened, and my body was filled with a buzzing energy. I did feel cloudy enough to definitely not operate any kind of machinery (not that you ever should high, of course), but still clear enough where something like a bike ride would be perfect. It was the kind of high where every part of the experience felt enhanced, from creative conversations to your sense of taste and smell.

There was a persistent freeing sensation that allowed me to open up and be a bit more experimental.

As the high unfolded, I felt even more creative and loose. There was a persistent freeing sensation that allowed me to open up and be a bit more experimental. It was night, but I wished I’d tried it during the day because it felt like a great match for getting outside and enjoying the sunshine. It brought about warm and pleasant vibes for sure. As time went on, the high did dissipate a little bit faster than flower typically does for me. The body high was the first to go, with the head high hanging on a little bit longer. Overall, I felt like I was being let down gently, as though I was eased out of the experience in a comfortable manner.

I was in a much better place the next evening. No quarantine blues, and no crying over mountains (still miss you though Mammoth). Starting from a better place meant that the uplifting energy of the high was a tiny bit less noticeable, but even my happier self still felt it. Everything else stayed pretty consistent with the previous night, and matched most of my previous experiences with the strain. I felt creative and inspired, and ready to make a masterpiece or at least fiddle around with whatever medium I was into at the moment (in this case, photo editing). My senses were heightened, and I felt like I was floating through a pleasantly misty euphoria. This time I decided to try hitting it outside while enjoying the sunset, and my predictions were right: this is a great companion for connecting with nature, even if it’s just the nature in your neighborhood.

On my second adventure with this vape, my heightened sense of awareness made me ever so slightly paranoid. Though it wasn't enough to complain about or deter me from going at this in the future. Personally, I’m not prone to paranoia when I smoke, but if you are, this might be worth noting. Once again, the high dissipated a little on the earlier side, but in a measured, almost considerate manner that felt like a calm transition back to normal. Honestly, this is a great option for a weeknight pick-me-up when you really wanna feel it, but you’re looking for minimal commitment in terms of length and come down.

Seeing as how I work as a writer in advertising, this next statement may seem a little biased, but sometimes, not all marketing is smoke and mirrors. I’d say that’s the case with Bloom’s Blue Dream Live Resin cartridge. This high was closer to flower than any Blue Dream extract I’ve tried so far. I can’t wait until I can go on a hike and see how it flexes in the great outdoors, or pick it up for a proper painting session. Whether you’re looking to get into a creative headspace, or just unwind on a weeknight with a walk through your neighborhood, I’d definitely recommend giving this a go. 

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September 29th, 2022
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