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86.71% THC, 0.25% CBD
Pineapple, Sweet

About Bloom Brands

Based in Los Angeles, Bloom Brands has been blessed with access to the highest quality cannabis in the country. Their team has collectively worked in the industry as growers, budtenders, scientists and engineers for years, and while they officially started crafting cannabis products in 2014, they’ve been consuming them for much longer. Which all equates to a team of passionate stoners and borderline weed-snobs who strive to share the gift of cannabis with everyone they meet.

Expert Review

THC In Full Bloom

Review by Kirk Leins

Apr 19, 2022 · 4 min read

Bloom's Pineapple Sherbet Live disposable is the vape you’ll want to hit all day long. 

IN REVIEW: Bloom Pineapple Sherbet Live Disposable is the latest in disposable vape technology. Each pen contains .35 grams of hybrid live resin and is packed full of terpenes and 86.7% THC. Its sleek design and the prodigious, clean high it delivers will endear you to the device. But it’s the weed geeks who created it and the science they used to do it that will endear you to Bloom. No matter if you smoke throughout the course of your day, or simply to end it, this can’t-miss live disposable has you covered.

Bloom vapes and disposables had been on my radar. But with the vast number of companies and myriad products on the market, I hadn’t gotten around to trying one. A guy can only smoke so much, ya know? It’s a weak excuse, but I turned it around with the acquisition of their pineapple sherbet live disposable and with all honesty, I can attest I should not have waited so long.

I chose this particular pen for two reasons. One, pineapples bring me joy. Their presence foreshadows fun. No matter if it’s a Dole whip, a home for SpongeBob or an iconic strain of flower, pineapples always equal fun. Second, Bloom’s Pineapple Sherbet Live Disposable is a sativa/indica hybrid – a collab that invariably interests me due the potential for a well-balanced, combo mind and body high. Let it be known, this pen delivered exactly that.

The most amazing quality of this product is its sustainability regarding use throughout your day.

While I felt the body high, I’m comfortable telling you the mind high was predominant. That’s perfectly okay with me because I like to be functional and mobile, as opposed to abjectly sedentary. FYI - that’s how I typically get when the indica is overly present or overly strong. The other thing indica commonly does to me is bring on an acute case of the munchies. Fun, but equally as detrimental when it comes to maintaining my diminutive figure. That’s a fancy way of saying I’m short and I don’t want to get fat. Here’s the thing, I’ve probably used the pen at least 4 or 5 times at this point and not once have I gotten hit by the munchies. Huzzah!

But probably the most amazing quality of this product is its sustainability regarding use throughout your day. If you are looking for a sleek and portable product you can periodically nip as your day goes on, THIS is the pen for you. A hit every hour or so yields an incredibly nice high I’d describe as mood enhancing. Even somewhat stimulating when it comes to your energy level. That said, several consecutive hits within a short period of time could leave you permanently parked in the location of your choice.

So that’s why I love this pen. But I also need to talk about why I love this company.

I’m a sucker for underdogs. Stories about relative nobodies who because of their vision, and dedication to it, they crack the code and become somebodies. Kinda like how Ben Affleck and Matt Damon wrote Goodwill Hunting, won an Oscar and went on to become Hollywood mainstays. Like that… but for weed.

Vitaly Mekk and Casey Ly are just a couple of dudes who love marijuana. Love it so much they made it their careers. Take that high school counselors. But unlike businesspeople who embark on a venture simply to make money, these guys did it for the purpose of creating THC products that not only do their job, but also transcend the typical experience by responsibly utilizing science.

Bloom’s Live line consists of craft resin concentrates made from small batches of hand-selected strains.

Bloom’s Live line consists of craft resin concentrates made from small batches of hand-selected strains. Over 200 fresh terpenes are extracted within the first hour after harvest. Using a solventless extraction method allows the Bloom guys to preserve the maximum amount of live terpenes and monoterpenes, leading to enhanced flavor and effect.

Their Surf X disposable device is equally as scientific, specifically designed to preserve said terpenes. The heating elements inside the vape are made of quick-cooling ceramic, which prevents overheating and reduces leaking and clogging. As for the battery, it lasts for the life of the oil inside and there is no need to charge. Its draw is a bountiful one and it also looks great. Sleek and modern. It if hovered and flew it would be Eva from Wall-E. These guys literally thought of everything.

It’s one thing when any product delivers what it promises. It’s a whole other story when that promise was made for the right reasons. Simply put. Wanna feel virtuous about achieving an amazing high? Check out Bloom’s Live… and then tell me I’m not lying.