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86.71% THC, 0.25% CBD
Pineapple, Sweet

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THC In Full Bloom

Review by Kirk Leins

Apr 19, 2022 · 4 min read

Bloom's Pineapple Sherbet Live disposable is the vape you’ll want to hit all day long. 

IN REVIEW: Bloom Pineapple Sherbet Live Disposable is the latest in disposable vape technology. Each pen contains .35 grams of hybrid live resin and is packed full of terpenes and 86.7% THC. Its sleek design and the prodigious, clean high it delivers will endear you to the device. But it’s the weed geeks who created it and the science they used to do it that will endear you to Bloom. No matter if you smoke throughout the course of your day, or simply to end it, this can’t-miss live disposable has you covered.

Bloom vapes and disposables had been on my radar. But with the vast number of companies and myriad products on the market, I hadn’t gotten around to trying one. A guy can only smoke so much, ya know? It’s a weak excuse, but I turned it around with the acquisition of their pineapple sherbet live disposable and with all honesty, I can attest I should not have waited so long.

I chose this particular pen for two reasons. One, pineapples bring me joy. Their presence foreshadows fun. No matter if it’s a Dole whip, a home for SpongeBob or an iconic strain of flower, pineapples always equal fun. Second, Bloom’s Pineapple Sherbet Live Disposable is a sativa/indica hybrid – a collab that invariably interests me due the potential for a well-balanced, combo mind and body high. Let it be known, this pen delivered exactly that.

About Bloom Brands

Based in Los Angeles, Bloom Brands has been blessed with access to the highest quality cannabis in the country. Their team has collectively worked in the industry as growers, budtenders, scientists and engineers for years, and while they officially started crafting cannabis products in 2014, they’ve been consuming them for much longer. Which all equates to a team of passionate stoners and borderline weed-snobs who strive to share the gift of cannabis with everyone they meet.