Blueberry Muffin Liquid Live Resin Cartridge


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Blueberry, Sugar, Pine, Earthy

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Expert Review

Take A Few Puffs To Enter The Calm Realm

Review by Kelly Graham

Nov 02, 2020 · 5 min read

Bloom Farms’ Blueberry Muffin Liquid Live Resin Cartridge will send you to another dimension of relaxation.

IN REVIEW: Hit the pause button and revel in relaxation with Bloom Farms’ Blueberry Muffin Liquid Live Resin Cartridge. Life seems to slow down with this flavor-packed live resin cartridge, and it has never felt sweeter. Expect a state of even-keeled bliss you can easily get lost in for the evening, or even the whole weekend. So pick one up and keep it on you to ensure that a steady buzz and reliable relief are never far away.

As quickly as the world moves today, the times when you could actually stop and smell the roses seem like a distant memory—until you take a few drags off of Bloom Farms’ Blueberry Muffin Liquid Live Resin Cartridge.

I first reached for my Bloom Farms Cartridge after an exhausting day of running around town, where my only pause was sitting in a never-ending line of LA traffic. By the time I made it back home, I was ready for an evening cuddled up on my couch with Netflix. I switched on “Girlfriends” and grabbed my vape pen before the theme song even finished.

I took a long drag, and was immediately met with flavors fresh from a field of blueberries. I took another pull and the flavor began to unfold in my mouth as the smoke rolled around my palate. As the berry flavor faded, floral undertones bloomed and a dash of pine finished it off. Every iteration of flavor gently dissipated with no weird aftertaste.

My couch held me in a deep bear hug as my muscles loosened and my mind started to drift off into la-la land.

With a few more puffs, I sunk my head into my pillows as the effects started to work their magic. My couch held me in a deep bear hug as my muscles loosened and my mind started to drift off into la-la land. I lazily giggled at the antics on my TV, and gently stroked the fabric on my couch, noticing the intricate stitching at the seams for the first time.

I was officially high and literally “in-da-couch” as the old indica adage goes. I knew that if I stayed sunken into the cushions, I would be stuck for the night. I lifted my head and felt an alluring breeze tickle my face from my open window.

The sunshine and blue sky looked enticing, so I leisurely grabbed my sneakers and decided to go for a walk before the sun sunk beneath the horizon. I tucked the Bloom Farms vape into my fanny pack and made the journey to the outside world. With each step, my muscles responded with the bare minimum to keep me strolling along. I usually zoom from place to place, even if I’m not in a rush, so I welcomed this slow pace with open arms.

I slipped my phone in my back pocket and breathed deeply, taking in the scenery. My neighborhood seemed like a vibrant paradise bursting with life compared to my quiet studio apartment.

As the sunshine hit my skin, I felt like a plant as the rays woke up my senses and re-energized my spirits. I shrugged away any sluggish side effects as I admired the fauna lining the sun-filled street. I took my time and admired each bloom, soaking in every little detail. Every flower seemed to have its own personality, as they swayed in the breeze, winking at me as I admired the rainbow of colors.

I usually zoom from place to place, even if I’m not in a rush, so I welcomed this slow pace with open arms.

I decided to take the scenic route and take in the sunset from my secret vista cul-de-sac—it’s clear that not many people in my neighborhood know about it, or maybe they simply don’t appreciate a good sunset. I, however, know a good thing when I see it.

As I approached my little hidden vantage point overlooking the highway, I grabbed the pen from my pocket for one long fruity puff. The herbaceous berry taste gave me the boost I needed to enjoy the changing colors in the sky. I took a seat on the one lonely bench, and my lazy muscles thanked me for the break.

I watched the cars speed past me, wondering where they were all off to so quickly. I wondered what it would be like if we all took a moment to enjoy the sunset. Really enjoy it. No phones, no distractions, just you and the sky. I felt truly privileged to take the moment to myself. My mind and body were utterly relaxed and at peace as the cars flashed by. Time seemed to stretch on forever as the big glowing ball of magma made its descent down the sky, vivid oranges and pinks tracing its journey.

As the sun’s edge kissed the horizon, I took one last soul-quenching breath and woke my muscles up for the journey home. One leisurely step at a time, I made my way to my front gate, observing the sights and sounds of night creeping in, amazed at this ball of life we call home.

I entered my apartment, kicked my sneakers off, and sunk into the couch, right where I’d started my adventure. I was glad to have Bloom Farms’ Blueberry Muffin Live Resin Cartridge as my travel buddy. Its flavor and aroma transported me to a dimension I like to call the present moment, while its effects calmed my mind and soothed my muscles. I also loved that the effects of this live resin cartridge seem to hold on a little longer than typical vapes. I never found myself fiending for another hit to enjoy the same initial high. With the exception of a little drowsiness, this vape cart is exactly what you need for some serious R&R.