King Louis Cured Resin Cartridge


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87% THC
Pine, Earthy

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Expert Review

The King Is Here

Review by Luca Belloiu

Jun 22, 2022 · 4 min read

This King Louis vape cart from Bloom Farms is a potent and relaxing way to spend an evening.

IN REVIEW: King Louis is a one gram indica vape cart from Bloom Farms with effects that closely resemble that of a flower high. An effective sleep and depression aid, you can expect an experience that makes for a tranquil nighttime high that any user should reach for after a long day. Crafted with cured resin and testing in at 89% THC, this is also a great option for high-tolerance smokers and those looking for a more sedating and full bodied buzz. And as always, for each product sold, Bloom Farms donates one healthy meal to a family in need.

Bloom Farms has been making some of the most potent vapes on the market of late, and their King Louis Cured Resin Cart may be the strongest yet. It is almost indistinguishable from the flower high version of King Louis, which I also sampled recently. I’m always looking for that authentic high with my vapes, and this shines through with flying colors. This is a true-blue indica in that it soothed me to the bone, put me in a great headspace for a movie and ultimately helped segue me into some much needed shut eye.

I happily sunk deep into the inner core of my sofa and embarked on a true crime marathon.

King Louis is a cross between LA Confidential and OG Kush. It has a smooth herbal flavor with hints of earthiness and diesel, and its effects offer an instantaneous sense of well being and comfort. Not unlike being swaddled by a gigantic invisible hand. It was also soon apparent that I would not be getting much of anything done while high off this vape cart. Instead, I happily sunk deep into the inner core of my sofa and embarked on a true crime marathon of sorts. The soothing sound of Keith Morrison detailing a rural murder mystery in the latest Dateline episode was like an auditory salve.

Normally when I’m in the throes of a heavy indica I can watch an entire movie and not be able to tell you what I just saw. Not the case with this King Louis vape cart from Bloom Farms. I was surprisingly focused, and not to brag, but I guessed who the murderer was in record time. It’s a gift, and one that is hardly dulled by potent cured resin cannabis oil.

I felt very content within myself, and if I had any worldly problems (of which I am sure I do), I could not locate them while high of this vape. It was like an ethereal ride down the gratitude canal. When I get in that state, negativity or obsessiveness takes a backseat. And while I was not exactly in a go-getter type of mood, I could see things for what they were and not feel guilty for loafing around. This is a great way to just take things easy and be in full acceptance of everything around me. Perhaps therein lies this oil’s most medicinal quality.

I found some leftover fried chicken, and you would have thought I just discovered a lost pirate treasure.

It should also be stated that if you suffer from a lack of appetite this King Louis vape could put a quick end to that. I never eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, mostly because I’m not a 12-year-old who carries a lunchbox to school, but I had one this evening and then I found some leftover fried chicken, and you would have thought I just discovered a lost pirate treasure. I was starving, and this gluttonous meal hit just right. 

If you are going to one of those all-you-can-eat buffets in Vegas or taking in some Brazilian rodizio, sample this strain beforehand and thank me later when the restaurant’s owner presents you with a congratulatory T-shirt that reads, “I ate all the foods”.

For this King Louis cartridge’s final and most lasting feat, it proved itself as a worthy sleep aid that was able to put me to bed with no issues or adverse effects the following morning. It was as if someone had placed me on a raft of fine cotton and set me adrift on a lake of honey. Bloom Farms came through in a big way for those who lack the ability to get quality sleep with ease, and for those whose mindset is not naturally set to relaxation. Just take a puff or two to put your worries, and yourself, to bed.