Alien OG Fresh Flower Cartridge



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83.43% THC
Citrus, Skunk, Pine

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Expert Review

Escape With This Otherworldly Vape

Review by Luca Belloiu

Jul 07, 2020 · 4 min read

Caliva’s Alien OG erases your worries to let your mind and body fly free.

IN REVIEW: Caliva’s Alien OG Fresh Flower Cartridge is the perfect entry to vapes for anyone new to the game. This half-gram cart packs in 84.43% THC and a full terpene profile for brilliant flavor and balanced effects. Expect any anxieties to immediately be lifted as you start to settle into a zen-like state full of bliss and relaxation. An initial sense of focus can help you wrap up the day before this strain’s heavy body buzz ultimately beckons you to unwind. 

Caliva’s Alien OG Fresh Flower Cartridge is the ideal vape for getting centered. While everything is off-kilter in this world, I hardly need to tell you what a gift that can be. At 83.43% THC, this indica oil is not to be taken lightly—but it also shouldn’t be feared. You can just easily get lost in its seductive grasp. After winding down from a home workout, I took a few puffs and found myself in a prolonged fugue state where I just stood in the middle of the room staring off into space like that lady in Paranormal Activity. Was I trying to communicate with the Mother Ship? Was this Alien OG really just a conduit to a higher plane of spatial consciousness? Will I be probed? None of those questions were answered, but it’s nice to set your worries aside for a moment and daydream about what could be. Once I snapped myself out of it, this turned out to be an awe-inspiring high that shut the door to anxieties.