Alien OG Fresh Flower Cartridge


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83.43% THC
Citrus, Skunk, Pine

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Expert Review

Escape With This Otherworldly Vape

Review by Luca Belloiu

Jul 07, 2020 · 4 min read

Caliva’s Alien OG erases your worries to let your mind and body fly free.

IN REVIEW: Caliva’s Alien OG Fresh Flower Cartridge is the perfect entry to vapes for anyone new to the game. This half-gram cart packs in 84.43% THC and a full terpene profile for brilliant flavor and balanced effects. Expect any anxieties to immediately be lifted as you start to settle into a zen-like state full of bliss and relaxation. An initial sense of focus can help you wrap up the day before this strain’s heavy body buzz ultimately beckons you to unwind. 

Caliva’s Alien OG Fresh Flower Cartridge is the ideal vape for getting centered. While everything is off-kilter in this world, I hardly need to tell you what a gift that can be. At 83.43% THC, this indica oil is not to be taken lightly—but it also shouldn’t be feared. You can just easily get lost in its seductive grasp. After winding down from a home workout, I took a few puffs and found myself in a prolonged fugue state where I just stood in the middle of the room staring off into space like that lady in Paranormal Activity. Was I trying to communicate with the Mother Ship? Was this Alien OG really just a conduit to a higher plane of spatial consciousness? Will I be probed? None of those questions were answered, but it’s nice to set your worries aside for a moment and daydream about what could be. Once I snapped myself out of it, this turned out to be an awe-inspiring high that shut the door to anxieties.

This turned out to be an awe-inspiring high that shut the door to anxieties.

My initial trance-like state spoke to the calming qualities of this vape cart. I fell into a steady wave of relaxation that made focusing a surprisingly easy thing to do. It was as if the clouds had parted and all these hidden curiosities were suddenly being revealed. One such curiosity was a little tent sauna that my sister recently bequeathed to me. It’s essentially a space heater with a timer that sits next to a beach chair. You also have a tent-like contraption that you zip up all around yourself and wait to be basically cooked alive. The funniest thing about this “sauna tent” is that only your head sticks out from the top (unless you unzip yourself, which I dared not do) so you look like a sweaty half-robot dome man.

I was smart enough to perch my Alien OG vape pen right atop the tent, next to the head hole. This way I could puff away on it while I watched Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives starring the irrepressible Guy Fieri. I’m not going to lie to you, I was in a sweat-filled paradise of my own making. My dog was also staring at me like I was just abducted by the tent section of REI. When he heard my wife coming home through the garage door, he ran downstairs to rat me out for being weird.

When she walked into the bedroom, she was taken aback by my strange appearance. I never told her about the sweat sauna, so she just figured I had started cosplaying as a flying saucer. She looked at me with a lot of pity and said, “It must be some good weed you’re smoking.” On queue, I lowered my chin a bit to take a pull of the Caliva Alien OG.

“It is,” I replied.

Whether you just hit the gym, had a grueling day of work, or have encased yourself in a geodesic, nylon sweat-lodge, this vape oil deftly guides you to tranquil waters.

A good sweat session combined with some primo vape is just the sort of staycation one deserves every now and then. Being that I was parked in the middle of the bedroom, both the wife and dog were having a hard time maneuvering. I was also blocking the television screen, so I had to unzip myself prematurely and fold up what I was now calling, “The SaunaNator 4000.” After a rejuvenating shower, I proceeded to melt myself into the couch. I was just one vibrating energy source free from strife and tension, and there was little doubt that I would be getting a good night’s rest.

The Alien OG cart from Caliva is a great choice for unwinding. Whether you just hit the gym, had a grueling day of work, or have encased yourself in a geodesic, nylon sweat-lodge, this vape oil deftly guides you to tranquil waters. The only alien thing about it is its ability to connect with an otherworldly sensation that you are not alone. I had this overwhelming sense of oneness that felt quite reassuring. In that sense, this product is a good choice for dealing with existential dread and/or loneliness. In a time where most people are spending their days indoors, it’s nice to have a cannabis oil that strips down mental barriers and helps you uncover the brighter side of things.