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Circles Pink Lemonade Cartridge


The flavor and effects found in this cartridge may make it hard for you to put it down. The smooth vapor will hit your palette with sweet, but not overpowering notes, and make any sunny day feel like a backyard BBQ on the Fourth of July. This hybrid offers a well-balanced high that’ll provide a boost of motivation and focus perfect for jumping into your day.

Ranked 31 of 102 in Vape Pens for feeling Focused.

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Ranked 31 of 102 in Vape Pens for feeling Focused.

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Pink Lemonade Cartridge
Product Information

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82% THC, <1% CBD

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500mg cartridge


Cloud Nine For Your Mind

Circles Pink Lemonade Cartridge offers renewed focus and calm

IN REVIEW: A great pick for beginners and pros alike, this sweet vape offers a smooth, easy high. This fresh, light and mood-lifting cartridge packs a subtle mix of motivation and stress relief.

How calm or focused is someone living through a global pandemic supposed to be? Personally, I have rarely visited either of those states of mind since quarantine life began. This concern might be easier to disregard if I didn't have a job, household, and life to keep up, but the show must go on. So, I have been smoking copious amounts of weed to get through. My go-to is dank, potent bud and my bong.

Unsurprisingly, this mix is not the most successful recipe for getting work done. I found myself crashing mid-day and losing motivation for creativity, so I decided to switch it up for something more functional. Luckily for me, the Pink Lemonade Cartridge by Circles offered far more than I hoped for a vape.

With the burst of productivity fueling my workload, I let the vape’s effects guide me, and began tackling creative projects I had been putting off.

True to the label, the Pink Lemonade cartridge hits like a well-balanced hybrid, providing cerebral light effects paired with a soothing body high. There are few vapes I feel compelled to smoke for more than a puff or two at a time, but I could not stop chain-vaping this cartridge. The hardware is smooth, and allows for effortless airflow.

Just as the puffs started flowing, so did my workday. The high landed gently on the tip of my brain and felt as though it was sending subtle waves of encouragement for me to keep writing. With the burst of productivity fueling my workload, I let the vape’s effects guide me, and began tackling creative projects I had been putting off. To my surprise, an hour passed quickly. Though I had been vaping steadily for the entire 60 minutes, I was not uncomfortably high or drowsy.

Unlike the majority of vapes, which usually end up hitting me way too harshly in a heady way, this cartridge provided a smooth onset that faded nicely into a gentle, soothing buzz. I felt my anxiety ease up with each puff, allowing my focus to remain on the tasks at hand — something I’ve had trouble with throughout the quarantine. At one point, I caught myself smiling for no reason. I absolutely attribute my elevated mood to the high, and can only describe it as a blissful cloud nine for my mind.

Perhaps best of all is the on-brand sweet flavor of Pink Lemonade. The cartridge is not too fruity, but still melts in the mouth like candy, making every hit a pleasant treat. Since I’m more used to the flavor of burnt flower (not always the best taste, I'll admit), this cartridge was an incredibly fresh change. To fully enjoy the flavor and effects, I also set my battery to the lowest heat setting to avoid burning any terpenes.

The high felt completely blissful, like waves of calm were washing through my body from head to toe.

After powering through some projects, I kept my grip tight to my newfound work tool and headed outside for a much-needed break. As I walked my dog through our neighborhood, I took a few puffs and tucked the vape away in my pocket for safekeeping. I noticed the high felt similar to how smoking a bowl from my bong makes me feel, something I personally look for in a vape. I usually end up disappointed when nothing compares. This cartridge, however, really redeemed my faith in vapes. The effects were just mild enough to keep me up and motivated, but still kept me just as relaxed as when I'm smoking bowl after bowl. Beyond bringing my nerves back down to earth, the vape did an excellent job of lifting my mood. I'm not kidding when I say I almost smoked an entire cartridge in one day (though I don’t recommend this –– you're going to want more tomorrow, trust me).

Pink Lemonade provided me with the breath of fresh air I desperately needed during this high-anxiety time. The high felt completely blissful, like waves of calm were washing through my body from head to toe. Anyone who deals with anxiety knows how difficult it can be to work when you’re lost in the thick of it. Finding a vape like Pink Lemonade is so helpful for those times, and I will be sure to keep this cartridge on hand for when I need help staying upbeat and focused.

Overall, this cartridge offers a functional high suitable for beginners apprehensive to cannabis, as well as heavy stoners like me who need a break from their regular routine. I just hope this quarantine ends soon so I can enjoy some Pink Lemonade with friends. I think we could all benefit from this sweet pick-me-up.

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