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Earthy, Floral

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Expert Review

Rise To The Occasion With Ari53 Pods

Review by Kelly Graham

Aug 06, 2021 · 4 min read

E1011 Labs will help you transform into a more elevated version of yourself.

IN REVIEW: The future of cannabis is here. With just a few puffs of E1011 Labs Ari53 Stems, you’ll feel as though you’ve reached a higher level of consciousness without getting stoned to the bone. Delta-8, along with a host of other naturally occurring cannabinoids, gives you a sense of calm to help you rise to any occasion. Simply toss one in your bag for a road trip, take a few draws before a first date, or just ride the reliable wave of calm anytime you need to chill out.

We’ve all heard of Delta-9 THC, but you might be new to its less psychoactive sister, Delta-8 THC. Usually derived from hemp plants, this smooth operator of a cannabinoid is supposed to offer effects somewhere in between those associated with CBD and Delta-9 THC. Imagine coasting in the sky, cool as a cucumber. Since it was recently thrown into the spotlight, there’s been a lot of buzz over Delta-8, so I’ve been curious to try it myself.

That time came when E1011 Labs Ari53 Stems came across my desk. I’d heard about flower pods like these instead of the conventional concentrate-filled pods you usually see at dispensaries, but this was my first time experiencing them for myself. They came in this slim, constellation-colored package that could easily fit into my pocket or in my bag. They look like little half joints filled with hemp flower, with a mouthpiece on one end and a thin paper film covering the other.