Durban Poison Live Diamond Sauce Cartridge - 1g



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86% THC, 2.8% CBD
Diesel, Herbal

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Expert Review

A Classic High Perfect For The Holidaze

Review by Debbie Dykes

Dec 20, 2022 · 6 min read

Halara’s pure expression of Durban Poison will help you deal with stress and to-do lists.

In Review: Halara’s Durban Poison Live Diamond Sauce Vape offers a pure expression of this classic strain to help you find focus and forget about your worries this holiday season. Offering an experience that’s more akin to a flower high than that of a fleeting vape, you can expect effects that last, and flavor-forward pulls that persist from your first puff to the last. So pick up this smooth sipper and let it settle you into a state that is just as solid for wrapping presents as it is being present among family and friends, and get ready to be smiling from ear to ear with a bit of interminable holiday cheer.

Unwrapping the classy looking ceramic pen, it immediately felt good in my hand. Substantial, but not heavy, and cool to the touch. I'd describe the color as a rich shade of purple. The kind of purple that Prince used to wear. I screwed the cartridge on and read the directions on the box. Following them, it only took a few seconds before I heard the familiar hiss of the resin heating up.

Perhaps more common than I realize as I tend to use disposables, I’d never seen a pen with the option to adjust the voltage and provide three different vaping experiences based on product type. Halara’s pen offers a 3.2V setting for their High-THC Carts, 2.6V for High CBD, and 2.0V for Live Resin. I was worried I'd get them mixed up, but they were conveniently color-coded yellow, green and blue respectively.