Juicy Jack High THC Cartridge - 1g


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93% THC, 2.8% CBG
Citrus, Pine

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Expert Review

Taking It Easy

Review by Luca Belloiu

Dec 28, 2022 · 4 min read

This Juicy Jack vape from Halara is a great way to combat stress and rekindle creativity.

In Review: Halara’s Juicy Jack vape is a high-THC sativa cartridge that tests at 93% THC and 2.8% CBG. This is a full-spectrum, full-gram 510 cart that will lift you up with a joyful euphoria as you sip on notes of citrus and pine. A great morning pick-me-up thanks to the prominent terpenes pinene and limonene, let this energizing and focusing sativa show you the way to a productive day as it puts a smile on your face no task or foe could undo. Just grab this cart and get crackin’ on a project or get lost in nature, as we found that no matter what you do, you will find yourself feeling rewarded on the other side.

This Juicy Jack cartridge from Halara offers the sort of smooth vaping experience that allows you to start your day with focus and a sense of purpose. Halara is Greek for “take it easy,” and one would do right to listen to the Greeks here. After all, they brought us modern philosophy, geometry and the alarm clock. (We will forgive them for that last one). This ethos of Halara is one that exudes with every pull of this citrus-tinged vape. One could have a cup of coffee to begin the day, but I found this Juicy Jack worked much better.

Being a sativa-forward strain, this vape cart packs some awe inspiring energy without the jitters—making it perfect for tackling that ever-present to-do list. I found myself seamlessly transitioning from task to task with none of the dread that sometimes hangs over my head when I realize how much needs to be done. 

I found myself seamlessly transitioning from task to task.

In fact, nothing ever really needs to be done, and one can rest assured that all that is essential lies within. This is but one of the insights I gained while sampling this euphoric vape.

While testing at 93% THC, I still found this to be a manageable high for all tiers of tolerance. The uplifting quality of this strain never veers into a place of anxiety or fear. From start to finish, this was a subtle way to combat stress and inject a bit of joy and curiosity into your day, no matter what dreary thing you are doing. 

Case in point, I had to fix a broken dishwasher, and I really had no experience in this arena. Yet, my intention was to consult YouTube and troubleshoot this thing until I gained success. My patience was rewarded, and I highly doubt I would have been in the state of mind to embark on such a task had I not been so calm and open.

The high is short lasting but poignant. Taking it for a spin outside is also recommended. I found a sense of vibrancy wash over me that made this ideal for exploring and just being one with nature. Music hits just right with this Juicy Jack strain as well. I went through the entire catalog of Steve Winwood’s essentials before I returned home a better man.

Halara is a cannabis company with sustainability on its mind.

Halara is a cannabis company with sustainability on its mind. Focusing on emissions, waste control and recycling, their products are creating less of a negative impact on Mother Earth. This vape also created less of a negative impact on my lungs. It’s probably one of the more smooth-hitting vapes that I’ve sampled in quite a long time. 

Normally I get a bit of a chest burn when I’m halfway through a cart, but there was no such issue here. This made repeat vaping a real pleasure, and when I finally came down, there was no grogginess or mental fog to speak of. I would enjoy this either day or night because there is no wrong time of the day to be joyful or reposed.

Towards the tail end of this high where the energetic effects gave way to a more relaxing sense of relief, I was instilled with a feeling of creativity. It was as if the vape clouds took on the form of a helping hand and guided me towards creating something of worth. For me, it was a bit of writing, but it may be woodworking or playing the viola for you. Whatever the hobby may be, this high has a way of lighting that inner fire so you can immerse yourself in what you love. Which is to say, taking it easy has never been so fun.