Tropical Mintz Live Rosin Disposable Pen


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90.25% THC
Fruity, Mint

Product Description

This sativa-dominant strain is tangy, potent, and here for a good time. Sweet tropical notes and flavors of lemon, pine and fuel flood the senses and leave you feeling like you’re kicking it on a beach with your favorite drink and soaking up the warm sunshine. This powerhouse live rosin gives an upbeat, cerebral high with an energized euphoric effect. Let our Tropical Mintz Live Rosin take you on that mini vacay you deserve!

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Expert Review

Haute Damn!

Review by Luca Belloiu

Dec 20, 2022 · 5 min read

Sleek meets smooth in this uplifting live rosin vape from Haute Sauce.

In Review: Offering good vibes and a build your own adventure sort of high, this Tropical Mintz Live Rosin Disposable Vape from Haute Sauce will suit any stoner well. It’s sativa dominant, tests in at a hefty 90.25% THC, and the tangy notes leave a tropical impression that will warm you up no matter where you are. And the fact that it’s been carefully crafted with 100% solventless oil means the pure effects and pleasant aftertaste will persist pull after pull. Expect an even-keeled high that’s all joy and euphoria, and a passable product that will be loved by everyone in your smoking circle.

My stellar first impression of this Tropical Mintz Disposable Vape had me focused on its sleek, streamlined appearance. Gold and slender, it looks like something a femme fatale would pull from her clutch bag as a means of disabling a stone-faced guard standing sentry outside a Swiss Chalet that contained the kidnapped child of some dignitary of a tiny sovereign principality. Like Monaco or Andorra. 

Upon taking a pull from this pen, one’s mind peacefully drifts away as an amiable high takes over. I can truly say that this vape was smooth sailing from the first to last puff, as subtle, sweet notes and a clean finish made this a vape worth repeating. The effects? Endless good vibes.

As I did not have any exotic locations at my disposal when this vape entered my life, my front porch would have to do the trick. The pulls were as smooth as silk, and it wasn’t long before I fell into a very ethereal state of mind.

I felt transported. Like I fell into a place where stress goes to die. I stared at my orange tree for a long while and just let my thoughts carry me away. It was like I was on a vacation. I could close my eyes and pretend I was laying on a chaise lounge overlooking the Caribbean, and that sense of relaxation would just instantly wash over me.

Except that was all cut short because my neighbor gave me the ol’ Ned Flanders Hidey-Ho before bulldozing my ears for the next half hour about, “HOA this and HOA that.” He started riffing about drain gutters all the while I was lying there like, “Whoa man, I’m at the Sandals in Aruba right now, what are you even going on about?”

My energy would not be brought down, come hell or high water.

It’s a testament to this Tropical Mintz Vape from Haute Sauce that I just stood there and took on this barrage of words at so early an hour. Did I mention I was participating in the time-honored ritual of wake and baking? I was. This all transpired at around seven in the morning.

What is important to note, however, is that I could not conjure up an annoyed thought or irritable disposition. Those states of mind were foreign to me with each vape of the live rosin pen. My neighbor could have waylaid me about the weather or the price of coffee beans in Albania and I still would have looked upon him as a bright shining god. My energy would not be brought down, come hell or high water. And in the end, I felt this was the correct way to start the day.

This pen gives off just the right amount of go-getterness. Something to ease you into your day and help tune out those minor grievances. It’s not the type of sativa buzz that will leave you saying, “Let’s go run a marathon.” It’s more of a, “Hey, let’s walk around the Farmer’s Market and get fat off free samples,” sort of endeavor. 

It’s a very loose and not form-fitting sort of high. All rigidity gets cast aside, and what remains is the potential for creativity, awe and most definitely humor. So as a morning high this gets top marks, though it would work any time of day you were looking for a little inspiration, and an interminable good spirit.

It’s a very loose and not form-fitting sort of high.

Which is why as a night time high, this gives off that same relaxed feeling that makes it ideal to wind down with. As an added bonus, it helps you look upon your loved one with those same doe eyes that won you their affection in the first place. Whether or not you want to take it to the next level by putting on some Bobby Brown and lighting up the good candle is a step you will have to decide all on your own. I’m just saying that the vibe is there if one feels like tapping into it, as Tropical Mintz by Haute Sauce made an ample aphrodisiac.

In my final summation of this positivity forward live rosin vape, I would like to double down on my reference and quote Bobby Brown himself off the hit single “My Prerogative” from the Don’t Be Cruel album: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m really not souped, ego trips is not my thing.” This is a laid-back high that doesn’t plunge you into obsessive thought patterns or BS drama. It’s a great way to know your better angels and lose yourself for a bit, which is something we could all use every once in a while.