Tropical Mintz Live Rosin Disposable Pen



Product Details

90.25% THC
Fruity, Mint

Product Description

This sativa-dominant strain is tangy, potent, and here for a good time. Sweet tropical notes and flavors of lemon, pine and fuel flood the senses and leave you feeling like you’re kicking it on a beach with your favorite drink and soaking up the warm sunshine. This powerhouse live rosin gives an upbeat, cerebral high with an energized euphoric effect. Let our Tropical Mintz Live Rosin take you on that mini vacay you deserve!

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Expert Review

Haute Damn!

Review by Luca Belloiu

Dec 20, 2022 · 5 min read

Sleek meets smooth in this uplifting live rosin vape from Haute Sauce.

In Review: Offering good vibes and a build your own adventure sort of high, this Tropical Mintz Live Rosin Disposable Vape from Haute Sauce will suit any stoner well. It’s sativa dominant, tests in at a hefty 90.25% THC, and the tangy notes leave a tropical impression that will warm you up no matter where you are. And the fact that it’s been carefully crafted with 100% solventless oil means the pure effects and pleasant aftertaste will persist pull after pull. Expect an even-keeled high that’s all joy and euphoria, and a passable product that will be loved by everyone in your smoking circle.

My stellar first impression of this Tropical Mintz Disposable Vape had me focused on its sleek, streamlined appearance. Gold and slender, it looks like something a femme fatale would pull from her clutch bag as a means of disabling a stone-faced guard standing sentry outside a Swiss Chalet that contained the kidnapped child of some dignitary of a tiny sovereign principality. Like Monaco or Andorra. 

Upon taking a pull from this pen, one’s mind peacefully drifts away as an amiable high takes over. I can truly say that this vape was smooth sailing from the first to last puff, as subtle, sweet notes and a clean finish made this a vape worth repeating. The effects? Endless good vibes.