Pineapple Express Cartridge - 1g



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87% THC, 0.23% CBD
Pineapple, Earthy

Product Description

Heavy Hitters' Pineapple Express Cartridge is an earthy vape that delivers a relatively smooth hit and an uplifting head high. The body buzz is typically relaxing, and it makes for a good art buzz. If you're feeling the creative block, try a few hits of this. Your brain and your body should be on the same page so consider this before a workout class too and check out our review below. A little goes a long way here.

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Expert Review

The Vape-Off Of The Century

Review by Lindsay MaHarry

Mar 03, 2020 · 7 min read

I put two Heavy Hitters vapes to the test and the results surprised even me.

IN REVIEW: By comparing Heavy Hitters' Pineapple Express cartridge and Malibu OG disposable vape, reviewer Lindsay found that while the disposable had obvious benefits like being easy to use and smooth to consume, the cartridge delivered a much more satisfying experience. For a dose of creativity, joy, and energy, look no further than the Pineapple Express cartridge by Heavy Hitters.

When sifting through the onslaught of media’s anti-vape tirade, it’s important to remember that not all vapes are bad, and, more importantly, not all vapes are created equal. Do some suck and barely get you high? Yes. Can some make you ill? Unfortunately, yes. Are there ways to avoid these? Many. But, do some rock your world, making you want to drop down on your knees and hail the glorious vape gods that allow you to get high AF off live resin in a public setting with no one knowing? Oh, fuck yeah.

So, when choosing a vape it’s important to know what you’re doing. And by doing I mean what you’re inhaling, where it came from, what you’re looking for, and what to expect from the vape that you choose.

About Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters is a premier cannabis brand that has established itself as a leader in the industry through its commitment to providing ultra-premium products. The brand's focus on purity, potency, and safety is unmatched, making it a trusted choice among even the most discerning cannabis consumers. And through their rigorous extraction process, they use only the finest flower and 100% cannabis native terpenes to produce complex, full-bodied blends that provide consistent flavor and effects every single time.