Pineapple Disposable Vape



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84.1% THC

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Expert Review

High 90s Crafted One Dank Disposable

Review by Kirk Leins

Apr 19, 2022 · 4 min read

Meet the disposable vape you’ll want to keep forever.

IN REVIEW: Made by smokers for smokers, the Pineapple Flavored Vape from High 90's is a disposable and rechargeable cannabis oil vape pen crafted with the customer in mind. Containing 1 gram of oil with 84.1% THC and 89.3% total cannabinoids, this stellar vape delivers a profound experience any pot smoker will not just enjoy, but thoroughly savor. Maybe even more impressive, the pen itself is arguably THE BEST disposable device currently on the market, offering heavy hits you can enjoy until the very last drop thanks to the included charger. 

For me, THC delivery devices fall into one of two camps. The first is a product that does its job well enough. It’s THC after all, so how bad can the experience be? The problem, however, is the flaws you eventually notice regarding the quality of the product and its overall sustainability. Almost as if the product wasn’t completely thought out, or it was rushed to market… or maybe even the creators of the product were more focused on the money to be made in the THC space, rather than creating something high caliber. See what I did there?

The second camp is almost opposite the aforementioned. While the product also does its job, it somehow manages to get better the more you use it. Instead of noticing flaws, you realize its individual notes of brilliance. Little things here and there that make you believe it was created by smokers for smokers. High 90’s Pineapple Vape is not just firmly embedded in camp two, it runs the camp. I’ll explain.