Fire OG High THC Cartridge - 1g


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85.85% THC, 0.23% CBD

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Expert Review

Putting the “High” in Ohio

Review by Kelly Graham

Sep 23, 2022 · 4 min read

A few puffs, and being at home with the family isn’t so bad.

IN REVIEW: Whatever it is that gets you down, Jetty Extracts Fire OG High Potency Vape Cart is here to rescue you from your woes. With a spicy-meets-sweet flavor profile and 86% THC, this powerful vape oil will bring on a euphoric sense of awe as it eases your mind. So whether you need a break from the family and routine or you just need a mood boost, the vape is sure to become your new best friend.

Everyone has a different family dynamic, but for me, staying with my parents in Ohio is not something I’m bubbling with excitement to do. To paint a picture without divulging my innermost traumas in this review (that’s what weed and therapy are for), let’s just say it has been a rocky road getting to the loving space my parents and I are in today.

A well-balanced amuse bouche with the perfect blend of heat and sweetness.

And as I’m sure you can imagine, growing up in suburban Southern Ohio was not exactly a friendly environment for a nerdy, artsy, very uncool, full-of-feelings child like myself. But despite all the heavy shit my childhood home brings up, many years, many therapy sessions, and many blunts have softened the blow of the memories, which makes it more palatable to stay there. Or so I thought.

On my most recent trip home, it became clear after just one night that I needed to be supremely high if I was going to make it through a five-day stay—and that’s where Jetty Extracts Fire OG High Potency Vape Cart swooped in to save the day.

I grabbed the flame-covered packaging out of my luggage and inspected it briefly, noticing the 85% THC percentage, and knew that this was just what the proverbial doctor ordered. I screwed the ultra-potent cart onto my vape pen, tucked it into my bag, and told my parents I was going for a walk—classic excuse, right?

I decided to make the local Dairy Queen my destination because nothing cures the blues quite like cannabis, fresh air, and ice cream. As I stepped onto the familiar streets, taking the long way on the back roads, I took my first, much-needed puff.

The spicy, almost chili-like, flavor instantly hit my palate and put a little pep in my step. The taste gradually mellowed out to reveal a candied citrusy flavor. It was like a well-balanced amuse bouche with the perfect blend of heat and sweetness. I continued to puff down the block, whetting my appetite for what was to come.

The effects began to wash over me almost immediately, which filled me with gratitude. With each inhale, I began to shake the stress and anxiety of being in an uncomfortable space. Instead, it was replaced with an acute sense of awe, wonder, and pure joy. I took in the suburban summer smells of fresh-cut grass, clean laundry blowing in the wind, and a backyard barbeque in the distance.

The sound of cicadas buzzing in the trees and the chirping of birds made a small smile spread across my face. Fireflies had even begun their nightly dance, lighting up my path. I began to forget my worries, and I started to remember all of the simple pleasures of my childhood. It might sound like I’m being dramatic, but it was almost a cathartic experience.

I was floating by the time I got to Dairy Queen. I drifted up the window and ordered my usual: a Mint Oreo Blizzard. I patiently waited for the high school-aged workers to craft my creamy confection, admiring that so much had changed in my neighborhood, but so much had stayed exactly the same.

My anxiety was replaced with an acute sense of awe, wonder, and pure joy.

In a whimsical state of mind, I reminisced on the many warm nights I spent at this ice cream shop throughout my life. It’s like time has passed right by it, leaving it untouched. The same cement tables and benches painted bright red, the same herd of families gathered for a sweet treat, the same drive-thru liquor store across the street that left me so curious as a child. I felt my heart gently beating at the fond memories I hold of this place.

When the workers called out my name, signaling that my Blizzard was ready, I was jarred back to reality. I held the familiar green-hued creamy delight in my hand for only a moment before I dove in. It tasted even better than I remembered. The refreshing taste of mint perfectly accented the vanilla soft serve and the crunch of Oreo pieces pleased my palate like never before. But of course, Jetty Extracts probably had something to do with that.

This powerful vape truly turned my night around in the most unexpected yet pleasant way. The effects kick in quickly to provide euphoria, relaxation, and gratitude. Perfect for going on a “walk” to get away from a family function or just for an everyday pick-me-up, this Fire OG vape cart is an instant must-have.