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Loudpack Gelato Live Resin Sauce Pen


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Gelato Live Resin Sauce Pen
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55.2% THC

Extraction Type

Live Resin

Side Effects



Sunset Sherbet, Thin Mint GSC

Terpenes Profile


Grow Environment


Package Contents/Qty

300mg disposable vape pen


Liven Up Your Summer with Gelato Live Resin

Loudpack pulled out all the stops for this premium, terpene-filled pen.

IN REVIEW: This all-in-one vape from Loudpack offers a balanced and uplifting high that'll leave you happy and outgoing. It provides vapor so smooth you’ll often wonder if you even took a hit, and a discreet experience you can take with you anywhere. Being a live resin means it keeps its original terpene profile, so expect a flavorful and effective hit time after time. Keep your favorite snacks around or hit this before an expected meal, as the munchies are sure to get you at some point. 

This disposable sauce pen from Loudpack delivers a true to form Gelato taste with delicious notes of sweet citrus. It’s easy to pull from with no harshness whatsoever. I would’ve preferred that the pen come with a light sensor that you could actually see upon inhaling. Sometimes it left me wondering if I had taken an adequate hit or not, but I guess that’s also a testament to how smooth it is. This is a sleek live resin pen containing 55.2% THC that’s been quintuple distilled, and is geared for a relaxing experience.

I started vaping this pen early in the day and found myself having a difficult time putting it down. The taste is such that you feel like you’re being carried away on a cloud made of orange rinds. It begs for repeated sampling. Normally frequent vaping can leave my throat a bit scratchy, but this was smooth from start to finish. The high was subtle enough to where I could still focus on household chores and potent enough to shed any anxiety I may have been feeling earlier.

The taste is such that you feel like you’re being carried away on a cloud made of orange rinds.

I first enjoyed it outside on the patio with a little coffee. I figured what goes better together than gelato and espresso? This high had me feeling like I was holding court outside a Jersey deli with a couple of wiseguys from the neighborhood. In reality, it was just me wearing basketball shorts and a white t-shirt with fresh coffee stains. By my side was my trusted consigliere, Dexter the dog. In short, this high had me thinking all sorts of crazy stuff. I must have made myself laugh a dozen times. If you can keep yourself amused with this pen, then I imagine sharing it with others would make for a riotous evening as well.

Alas, I was still living in a partially locked-down world, so waving at my neighbors who would occasionally walk by was about the extent of my social interactions. After making a sizable dent in this live resin pen, I must have come across as some deranged citizen of Mayberry. I was like, “Well how ya’ doin’ ma’am! Can I help you carry your groceries?”… “Pleasure to make your acquaintance constable!”… “Are those youngsters I hear causing a ruckus? Oh you kids!….”

I was just waving and smiling and wishing people a good day like I was auditioning for a Normal Rockwell biopic. The neighbors who were still nursing hangovers and begrudgingly walking their dogs were probably wondering what had gotten into me. The answer would’ve of course been the Gelato Live Resin Sauce. It just made me a warmer person. Is that not alone worth the price of admission? I digress.

I was just waving and smiling and wishing people a good day like I was auditioning for a Normal Rockwell biopic.

One of my favorite neighbors is a Cuban man whose daughters chalk up the walkways with all sorts of colorful flower designs and inspirational sayings like, “You got this!” His name is Eric strangely enough, and he leaned his hand over my fence to offer me a very large avocado.

“From my mother’s tree.” He said.

I was still fairly high and thought he’d said “My brother’s knee.” For a split second, I thought he may have been showing me some ugly looking knee prosthetic, but then it hit me. He’s always bringing us produce from his mother’s garden. I say “thanks” and then dorkily follow up with, “Looks like a good one too,” as if I know jack about what constitutes a good avocado.

He left by saying, “Smells nice out here,” which was his sly way of registering my vape sesh. Nothing gets by that Eric. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he were CIA.

Soon after, my wife peeked her head out the window and asked inquisitively, “Aren’t you getting hot out there?” In all fairness, it was 85 degrees and I should have been quite hot, but I was really enjoying myself and the interactions I was having with all the denizens of our development complex. Nothing really bothered me, including the temperature, and that was a testament to the Loudpack Gelato pen. What finally brought me inside was my ravenous appetite. The munchies rode into town when this high began to dissipate, and the first thing I made was guacamole from Eric’s mother’s avocado. It was delicious. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more mellow and good-natured buzz than this live resin disposable. With accurate dispensation and a consistent high, this is a prime choice for those seeking more control over their experience.

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August 4th, 2020
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