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Pally Russian Automatic Live Resin CBD Cartridge - 1g


Russian Automatic Live Resin CBD Cartridge - 1g


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Russian Automatic Live Resin CBD Cartridge - 1g
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1g cartridge


Full Spectrum CBD? You Got A Pal In Me

Pally introduces a complex tasting live resin CBD cart that’s subtle, soothing and easily manageable.

In Review: Russian Auto by Pally is a hybrid CBD Cart that tastes of citrus, hits smooth and will soothe whatever ails you. Packed with terpenes from the fresh-frozen live hemp and free of butane or artificial fillers, this is as clean a cannabis experience as they come, and the approachable effects make it a top-tier product for the cannacurious. The Oregon grown, organic flower simply captures and delivers a relaxing buzz that’s effective for pain, stress and settling into a flow state—and the 32% CBD can be found in either half- or full-gram carts.

Pally’s Russian Auto CBD vape cartridge is a rarity in that there are not too many live resin CBD options out there. This one has a complex taste that shines bright with herbaceousness and fruit. I found that the buzz lasted longer than most CBD options I’ve tried, and the prevailing sensations were that of creativity and calm. 

For those who like to cruise through the day while in neutral, this vapes for you.

For me, it worked best as a pain reliever. I had been suffering from shoulder issues all week, and on this occasion it wasn’t as if the pain had magically gone away, it's just that my mind no longer fixated on it. I gently entered into a very balanced and poised frame of being. For those who like to cruise through the day while in neutral, this vapes for you.

There was also a nice creative side to this low key high. It got me really inquisitive about editing videos on my phone, and before I knew it, I was splicing stuff together and even adding soundtracks. It’s as if this high gave me a thirst to learn a new skill or pursue the little things I’d been putting off. There’s a sense of intrepidness that I got from this CBD that may work well for those looking to learn or experience new things, and the lighthearted high might be perfect for the cannacurious.

For all the calmness and analgesic qualities it possessed, I still maintained a very focused state of mind. I was able to just slow things down a bit and take in the necessary information to execute whatever editing functions I was doing. In a way, it imbued me with a sense of patience. This is something that normally comes in short supply for me, so that alone makes this CBD cart a small miracle worker.

Being that this product is not as potent as traditional THC vape carts, I found myself vaping liberally. There was no grogginess associated with the effects, and I never found it overwhelming on the lungs or sedating in nature. It kept me at an even keel, and maintained a mindset of quiet indifference and wonder. In some ways, it was introspective, but in other ways, it added a nice layer of vibrancy.

This CBD high was easy going from start to finish, and it’s perfect for those with a low tolerance.

The weekend I received this CBD live resin by Pally, the development I live in finally reopened its pool area. After almost a year of being closed, I decided to inaugurate the occasion by bringing along this tasty offering from Pally. It proved a steady companion as I finally got to go for a swim and lay out by the pool for the first time in what feels like forever. 

Even the constant shrieking from all the kids and their pool toys did nothing to dull the intensity of my chill session. I was like, “Sure, whatever.” It also proved to be an effective vape option for socializing. It was good to see a lot of familiar faces, and it seemed like we just picked up where we left off pre-pandemic.

This CBD high was easy going from start to finish, and it’s perfect for those with a low tolerance. The sort of thing you could bring to work without worrying about getting too stoned. Great for tackling creative pursuits or addressing minor aches and pains, this is a much needed CBD option for the live resin class.

Community Reviews

5 out of 5 (1 Review)

Tasty, nice balance of CBDa & CBD. Has lower %'s of CBN, CBG, CBC than Cherry Abacus, however that has no CBDa. The flavor profiles on both are accurate. These are the best CBD carts I've tried, bar none. Exemplary quality, shipping, and customer service. Nice packaging too.

September 6th, 2021

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