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PAX Live Rosin - Blue Dream 1g Pod
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PAX Live Rosin - Blue Dream 1g Pod


PAX’s First Pods Are Near Perfect

PAX Era delivers joyful vibes from two classic strains in Jack Herer and Blue Dream.

IN REVIEW: Both Jack Herer and Blue Dream are stalwart sativa strains, and PAX has given them a modern boost in their own Era Pods. Each of these premium pods contains 1 gram of fresh pressed live rosin that includes natural THC diamonds for a refined, full-spectrum experience. The Jack Herer comes in at 91.07% THC and the Blue Dream at 92.13% THC, and both make for a great daytime buzz that’s big on euphoria and manageable for both work and play. So pick one up, keep it in your pocket and puff on it whenever you need a focusing and uplifting boost.

Both Jack Herer and Blue Dream have gotten the PAX Era Pod treatment with their new live rosin and natural diamonds line. Each pod hits as easily and smoothly, just as one has come to expect from PAX Era. Its heated settings allow for a true representation of each strain so that one can pick up the hints of berry and earthiness of the Blue Dream, and the savory pine goodness of the Jack Herer. 

The extraction process uses all natural live rosin with diamonds for a cleaner and more euphoric high that’s closer to a flower high than a vape. In fact, I don’t think I’ve come across a more potent yet focusing vape version of either of these popular strains.

As a sativa this Jack Herer really ticked all the boxes.

Every now and then I like to wake up as the sun rises and set off on a local hike where I can get the blood flowing and get high in relative peace and solitude. I reached for the Jack Herer Pax Pod in what came to be a rather epic wake and bake session. As a sativa it really ticked all the boxes. It was revelatory as far as vaping experiences go. The euphoria I was feeling really managed to dissolve any sense of clinging I was going through, and as a result I simply melted into my surroundings. 

What really put the experience into hyper drive was a carefully curated playlist of 80’s and 90’s reggae that helped transport me into a realm of true calm and happiness. Being that this really responded well to music, I would happily take this to any indoor or outdoor concert. The PAX Era is also so stealthy that one would have to be pretty brazen to get in trouble for sipping from one.

And at 91.07% THC, this Pax Era pod was bringing all the goods. It took what is a classic strain and really let it shine. Joy and gratitude seemed to follow me every step of the way, and the energy it instilled propelled me throughout my entire morning workout. For those who are looking to get your day started off on the right foot, I would happily, and highly, recommend this.

The Blue Dream Live Rosin from PAX Era was not unlike the Jack Herer in that I was also struck by a lively energy that helped me enter into a physical flow state. I sampled it the following day, and while I did not choose to workout with this one, I’m sure I could have. It’s chock full of upbeat vibes. Instead, I received more of a creative sense of inspiration, so I just followed that muse to tackle some creative writing that I’d been neglecting. 

The Blue Dream led to a deep sense of accomplishment.

I sat down in my office and vaped away as if that was the cure for writer’s block. In my case, it was a pretty good start because before I knew it I was resolving plot holes and character arcs and feeling pretty good about my page count. What followed was a deep sense of accomplishment. 

I have had Blue Dream before where I felt somewhat foggy brained and not quite with it, but this permutation was a total focus monster. If you have a creative project you are working on or simply need to get some work done, you would be well served by this PAX Pod.

I hesitate to recommend such a potent vape choice for your typical 9-5 workday, but if you are seasoned cannasseur and you don’t drive to and fro, this could be a helpful tool in your work kit. Extra points for its covert nature.

The extraction process together with the natural diamonds really elevates these now classic strains to a more robust and awe-inspiring level. I like my vape carts like I like my Civil War era frigates: strong, well built, yet with an ability for easy sailing. Both the Jack Herer and the Blue Dream deliver that in spades, along with oodles of energy, insight and joy.

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January 27th, 2023
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