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Sonder Zkittlez Punch Cartridge


Ranked 32 of 237 in Vape Pens for feeling Relaxed.

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The Score

Ranked 32 of 237 in Vape Pens for feeling Relaxed.

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Quotes from the Raters

Zkittlez Punch Cartridge
Product Information

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56.2% THC, <1% CBD

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Grape Ape, Grapefruit

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500mg cartridge


Take A Trip Out Yonder With Sonder

The sweet taste of Sonder’s Zkittlez Punch Vape Cart makes for a tranquil night of R&R.

IN REVIEW: Zkittlez Punch by Sonder is a full-spectrum, half-gram indica oil cart containing 56.20% THC. It’s great for unwinding after work or a hard gym session, and it will help you relax while allowing you to stay social and in the moment. So keep it handy for any park or porch hangs when you’re trying to take a load off and take it all in. And if you hit it through the evening, you’ll find that it makes a more than effective alternative to alcohol, while also helping soothe you to sleep when all’s said and done.

The taste of Sonder’s Zkittlez Punch is uncannily similar to the favorite candies of your youth. It somehow hits that sweet spot without being overly indulgent, and it has a complex flavor that continues to unfold as you vape…and boy did I vape. This was one I had trouble putting down. It hits ivory smooth and evokes all the effortless joy that I’ve come to recognize from the euphoric Zkittlez strain.

Just the right frequency to help me unwind and revel in the relaxation of the moment.

The onset first hit with a gentle head high, and I found it focused around the brow before it slowly released tension around my face and settled into my shoulders. I’d also been dealing with some chronic injuries, and even those seemed to either melt away or take on a lesser degree of being a drag. Having recently finished a long workout, this oil cartridge from Sonder provided just the right frequency to help me unwind and revel in the relaxation of the moment.

As an analgesic, it had some real staying power, but It wasn’t a sedating high whatsoever. In fact, there’s a great degree of clarity associated with this vape cart. I could easily read a few magazine articles as I kicked my feet up on the patio table, all without trailing away on some mental tangent. When my eyelids started to get heavy, I just unfurled the outdoor umbrella and took a nap in the shade. It was all a very laid-back experience.

Zkittlez Punch by Sonder, while restful, also has a nice socializing aspect to it. My wife and I were joined by some cool neighbors later on in the evening. We just chilled on the patio and enjoyed one of those rare warm SoCal nights that made me feel like I was back on the East Coast.

This high was very conducive to sharing laughs with friends and engaging in long conversations about whatever drives you. At the end of the night, we said our goodbyes, and the wife and I took the dog out for his last walk of the day. Mere steps from our front gate, obscured by a large palm frond, was one of the largest full moons I have seen to date. It left me awestruck as I stood there staring at it, with my mouth agape. It was around this time that I had just about tapped the rest of the oil cartridge. Appropriately so. The enormous moon was the grand finale of the night, and when combined with this low key and ethereal high, I was left with a great sense of awe and wonder.

I was left with a great sense of awe and wonder.

I was eventually able to break free from my moongaze and resume our walk. I decided to go the long way to really immerse myself in the silence of this night. There wasn’t a soul in sight and hardly a car drove by. I had reached maximum relaxation, and there came a moment where I could have just as easily curled up on someone’s lawn and been all the happier for it.

From start to finish, this high contained a consistent undercurrent of euphoria that never got too heavy. It was a pitch-perfect indica distillate that soon put me to bed with hardly an objection. My wife had informed me the next day that once my head hit the pillow, I was out like a light. And at 56.20% THC this is not going to split your wig, but if you’re looking for an evening of repose or conversation, this is as reliable a vape as you’re likely to come across. 

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October 6th, 2022
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