A Proper Dive Into P&B Kitchen’s Elite Edibles
Guide by Proper Staff
Apr 25, 2022 · 5 min read

Papa & Barkley’s small-batch, artisanal edibles were built for microdosing.

Like grandma’s secret recipes that magically hit all of the right notes when nothing else could, P&B Kitchen’s creative confections check boxes you didn’t even know were there. They’re top-tier edibles with unique flavor combinations, reliable effects, and sustainably sourced ingredients and packaging.

Meaning if you’ve been looking for more ethically made products to work into your lineup, look no further. Crafted only with the cleanest of cannabis, Papa & Barkley's hash-infused gummies and rosin-infused chocolates are solventless, locally sourced and sungrown. So scroll down to read up on these fresh highs and find them nearby.


Quoted: "A fun and harmonious high that’s great for microdosing. I could sincerely eat the entire pack. Very delicious—both the gummy and the effects."

Pros: A great flavor combination with a quick onset, get ready to feel relaxed and uplifted thanks to the balanced high. Island vibes through and through, they’re perfect for a yoga session or park hang, and you can take the light effects into whatever it is you choose with confidence.

Cons: This isn't necessarily a negative, but just like everything on this list the high from one piece is subtle. So ride a reliable microdose through the day, or supplement it with a second piece or smoke sesh if you so choose.

Quoted: "I just finished dinner and I’m getting ready for a movie. This is a great edible, not too strong or tiring, and it’s complimenting my night nicely."

Pros: More like rolling hills than anything resembling a heavy peak, this high offers pops of joy amidst the gentle waves of euphoria. The unique flavors will lift you up before the effects even take hold, making the gentle high a go-to midday snack that will perk you up and fill you with purpose so you can conquer the rest of your day.

Cons: None to note, just don’t expect to be sent sky high off of a piece or two.

Quoted: "This is an effortless, happiness inducing high with no side effects to speak of. I’m able to focus, relax and lean into the positive vibes."

Pros: A consistent and curious high that’s great for work, be sure to take advantage of the newfound focus and creative spark as you settle into a flow state. Though that’s not to say this wouldn’t be a couch-locked companion if that was what you’re after, as this high will ride or die with whatever you choose from breakfast to bed.

Cons: The consistency of the gummy was polarizing for some, but the consistency of the high was never in doubt.

Quoted: "I’m relaxing for the evening, and this is kicking in well. A well-rounded, classic edible buzz complimented by a time-honored flavor combo. Simple and oh so satisfying."

Pros: Salty, sweet and offering a subtle high, this is a classic flavor choice with a revamped vibe. The clean cannabis and carefully chosen ingredients make what could be seen as mundane a marijuana marvel, as it hits all of the notes to sing an old favorite in a new way with a buildable buzz that will surely brighten your day.

Cons: Not a single one, but those who prefer sweeter options might want to continue scanning the list.

Quoted: "This is a tasty little sweet-heat edible with a nice kick—and after about fifteen minutes, the two I took were already offering welcomed waves of euphoria and joy.”

Pros: "Relaxing, manageable and perfect for microdosing, these gummies offer a subtle buzz that’ll work well with whatever it is you have planned. Expect a high that will never bog you down, and reliable pain relief and calming effects that will make dealing with any aches, pains or anxiety a breeze.

Cons: None to note, just make sure you can handle little heat!

Quoted: "I'm a sucker for sour peach candy, and these don’t disappoint. I’m out on my deck playing with my neighbor’s dog over the fence and I feel like we’ve been friends forever. What fun."

Pros: These gummies are nothing but a good time. They’re edible bliss, and you can expect to feel uplifted and carefree thanks to a dose of pure sunshine. So whether you need to turn a bad day around or make a good day great, these sour gummies are ready to show you the sweeter side of life.

Cons: Smooth sailing here! It doesn’t matter if you’re new to edibles or a seasoned pro, you’ll find a friend in these.

Quoted: "I love the weed-free taste, buttery texture and gradual onset of this chocolate bar. And while I'm not usually a fan of coconut, it's light and doesn’t detract from the smooth chocolaty flavor.”

Pros: A mellow high that still makes itself known, this premium chocolate bar is a great option when you’re looking to get lifted without losing control. It offers a solid background buzz that starts with an energetic boost making it great for working, studying or tackling a to-do list.

Cons: None to note.

Quoted: "All in all, this is a real treat. It’s very mellow, making it great for zoning out and soothing body aches, and it’s rich and chocolatey without being overly sugary."

Pros: If you’ve been looking to eat something a bit out of the box for your next edible experience, this bar is for you. With just the right amount of sweetness and subtle effects that gently lift you instead of launching you to the moon, this is the sort of edible you can enjoy daily without any sort of detriment.

Cons: Even those who don’t love dark chocolate will have a hard time hating on this beautifully unique bar. 

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