Dosist Pens, Ranked
Guide by Morgan S
Jul 15, 2020 · 4 min read

Because not all dosist pens are created equal.

Driven by plant science, hardware optimization, and the medicinal benefits of cannabis, dosist is an all-in-one vape brand that has become a household name in California’s cannabis community. From the temperature settings to the measured dose, every element is thought out for you so you can simply puff and go. You can even look up the lab test of your product with its batch number. That’s what makes these pens a perfect choice for new cannabis users and first-time vapers. Heavy cannabis users will probably pick up from the review of these vape pens, however, that they might be too mild to provide many benefits.

As you may have noticed on the packaging, each product is designed to deliver a specific effect, but the Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) has learned that these descriptors don’t always prove to be the most accurate. That’s why we decided to use the PCC’s ratings and reviews to rank these dosist pens from the least to most satisfying. Look to this ranking of every dosist disposable to find which one (or several) will suit your needs. And remember to bring these back to your dispensary to recycle them and get a discount on your next one.

5. calm

Quoted: “This morning feels like I've been on cruise control! I've been very uplifted, and clear minded all day so far. This cartridge has me feeling cool as a cucumber. Like a mini spa for your mind.”

Pros: This pen has notes of lavender that soothe and calm. Surprisingly, it’s even better for easing aches than the relief pen, and a few hits should be enough for most people to feel smoothed out. Stash it in your day bag for those moments when you need to say goodbye to bad tempers anxious thoughts.

Cons: The high can also be initially invigorating, which is kind of the opposite of the intended effect, and some people have a hard time pulling from this pen.

4. relief

Quoted: “Sitting down to read was uncomfortable at first, but now I’m really relaxed and clear headed. I finished a book and now just feel very snug in my body and calm. There is a pressure in my forehead that is certainly noticeable but not uncomfortable.”

Pros: This pen can be a meditation companion, or even make for a mindful moment when you need to quiet the brain. It can take the bite out of a hangover and ease you into a peaceful buzz.

Cons: It’s not likely to provide relief for deep or chronic pain. It relieves tension pains and surface headaches, but it’s better for relaxation than for relief.

3. arouse

Quoted: “I'm still very, very stoned. It's as if a veil of intoxication is separating me from the world around me, like a film over my eyes or something. I'm now alternating between smothering my (very tolerant) dog in kisses, and thinking about what to eat for lunch.”

Pros: This pen can be more intoxicating than other dosist products, and the right buzz can certainly make for a good aphrodisiac. Pro tip: You’re much more likely to up your libido if you’re already thinking about it, so set the mood first.

Cons: Each hit should be reminiscent of sipping fresh air, but there’s the occasional arouse pen that tastes more like plastic.

2. sleep

Quoted: “So chill, and literally idiot proof. The self dosing makes it impossible to mess up, and you’re able to count your hits which makes managing your relief super easy once you get the hang of the high. This is perfect for travel, and it packed in beautifully with my makeup brushes. Discreet and sleek.”

Pros: While this isn’t a “knock you out” kind of high, it tends to mellow you out slowly while you finish up your bedtime routine. It can be an excellent pillowtalk buzz, and you’ll likely feel extra melted into your seat. The effects will have you yawning like it’s fast-acting melatonin.

Cons: Experienced users might need to try an extra dose or two before writing this one off.

1. bliss

Quoted: “Three hits of this and I’m out of my funk and back into positivity. I don’t feel tired, just soothed and calm, and even in the morning this is great paired with some coffee. It’s unassuming and so subtle in flavor and scent that you can get away with this almost anywhere.”

Pros: A measured dose, an immediate mood-booster, and a discreet product all rolled into one vape. The way this pen alleviates the obstacles of a good mood without taking away any functionality makes it a solid vape for newbies and veterans alike. It can do wonders when you're facing a day from hell.

Cons: None. If you’re looking for a mood boost, this should do the trick. 

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