Old Pal Products, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Jun 10, 2020 · 7 min read

What’s more reliable than an Old Pal? We ranked every flower and vape we could get our hands on to fill you in on these affordable fan favorites.

Quoted: "The effects didn’t last as long as I would’ve liked. I’d have to chain smoke this to maintain the level of comfort I was enjoying.”

Pros: Expect a smacked-in-the-face sort of uplifting mood boost that’ll have you flying from task to task.

Cons: An unfortunately metallic and unpleasant flavor.

Quoted: “I simultaneously feel heavy and drawn down, while also feeling a certain amount of uplifted and light, like a weird juxtaposition. I need to start cooking dinner and I feel as lazy as before, but at least I’m more relaxed about it. "

Pros: True to the OG name, this cart is perfect for post-workout relaxation to get rid of those aches and pains, or firing up your favorite movie and becoming one with the sofa. Use this as a sleep aid when you’ve over-caffeinated.

Cons: Not the most refined flavor or smoking experience. 

Quoted: "I have so much cleaning to do before my party tonight, and three hits of this has me focused and capable. It smokes easily and would be lovely in a joint. This is a bright and light sativa. "

Pros: The strains can change in this family of products, but the effects should mirror the indica, hybrid or sativa designation. Like the rest, this is a super affordable option and great to keep around for easy pre-rolls to keep everyone lifted at your next party.

Cons: The same as buying pre-ground coffee, you’re sacrificing freshness for convenience. 

Quoted: "Got so much work done and didn’t feel my usual neck tension while sitting at my desk. Major mood boost!"

Pros: This line of products offers a great entry point for anyone without a full smoking setup—all you need are papers, Old Pal and a lighter. The hybrid effects will provide a mellow, mood-boosting buzz that’ll keep even a first time smoker on the rails.

Cons: Some users reported a somewhat harsh smoking experience, which can be typical of the inconsistencies of pre-ground cannabis. 

Quoted: "I didn’t like the taste of this pen. It was very diesely and sour, but I liked the high. Vapes in general are harsher on my lungs than flower, but this high really kept me going this morning."

Pros: This is one of those heady and happy sativas that leaves a lasting smile on your face. A perfect option for a friendly smoking circle or brainstorming new projects with colleagues.

Cons: The common shortness of breath many associate with vapes. The taste leaves something to be desired. 

Quoted: "This is an all around great cartridge. Super potent, great taste, no added terpenes, fun and loopy high. Really love it!"

Pros: Potent with a perfect hit of that classic diesel taste. Each pull is smooth and produces a euphoric head high that lasts a bit longer than the average vape. Keep this around for concerts or a social day out with friends.

Cons: You may experience some drowsiness, but if you do it shouldn't be overpowering.

Quoted: "I think this might be the Sativa that keeps me from blanket rejecting all Sativas. I'm liking the buzz. I have work to do, and I hope my client likes Russian-novel-length emails about ways to wear summer denim."

Pros: The perfect flower for inspirational afternoons and knocking out a project. Earthy tones on the exhale will provide a smooth and motivated ride for whatever journey you choose.

Cons: The munchies will hit you so hard you may forget your manners when you find food. 

Quoted: "Stressed and trying to chill out, this high is helping. It’s calming but not knocking me out."

Pros: Similar to their 1/8th of indica flower, this pre-ground cousin will provide straightforward indica effects best for a couch-locked afternoon and reestablishing mindfulness. This is a great stress reducer, and it’ll also help with aches and pains.

Cons: Pre-ground flower may age faster, which can lead to inconsistent effects over time. 

Quoted: "Chopped an onion with laser focus. I’m talking Terminator 2 robot-eye focus. I’m not an adept cook and terrified of chopping a finger off, but still...I was in the zone! I even had the gusto to modify a recipe, and I never go off script!"

Pros: Sweet and citrus notes come through with force in a clean vapor that’ll have you energized, clear-headed and ready for whatever the day sends your way. Keep this in the glove box to get an instant mood boost whenever a day has you down.

Cons: Short-lived effects, and like its counterparts, not great for the environment as it’s disposable. 

Quoted: "Ran a few errands with my wife, and am now playing with my dog. Feeling very outgoing and optimistic, and the knee pain that has been bothering me is no longer. About to go for a run on this amazingly sunny day."

Pros: Tasty, light and affordable. Old Pal’s price point is hard to beat, and the reliable and easily identifiable effects should make this a product to keep around. Expect a happy and floaty high.

Cons: There can be a notable comedown for some, and the munchies may make you rather insatiable and ravenous.

Quoted: "A nice, low-level buzz that works well for enjoying a movie on the couch, or maybe even reading a magazine. Not much in the way of euphoria, but a good choice for those who still crave control."

Pros: Like every one of their vacation vapes, this is extremely discreet and perfect for on-the-go use. Reserve this one for your end of the day activities when you’re ready to wind down and succumb to the sedative side. Not overly powerful, so a great option for lightweights.

Cons: Not environmentally friendly, and some difficulty pulling for a couple of our users. 

Quoted: “The flavor meshes well and doesn't taste overly synthetic, and the high is really enjoyable. Bright, upbeat, but very heady. It's a fun cartridge overall."

Pros: A classic flavor combination takes this hybrid to new heights with sweet, smooth vapor and an energetic mood boost that’ll kick start any morning. The energy thankfully won’t turn racy, and a calming effect should take over after a short time.

Cons: Might make you slightly too at ease to knock out life’s more important tasks.

Quoted: "I’d just come from seeing a sick loved one at the hospital, so I was feeling especially down and was looking forward to a strain that could lift my spirits. This bud did exactly that. I feel totally at ease right now.”

Pros: Affordably priced, perfectly potent and producing calming effects that allow you to put things into perspective.

Cons: May take the steam out of your engine, so be ready to chill and keep a drink nearby for possible cottonmouth.

Quoted: "This offers subtle effects that’ve already reached their peak and are winding their way down. I’m still feeling content and uplifted, and it also makes for a good appetite booster. I feel outgoing, but not particularly high."

Pros: A certified mood booster, this small, all-in-one vaporizer is perfect for a weekend getaway. It lifts you up gently and sets you back down with ease, leaving you no worse for the wear.

Cons: Disposable vapes are inarguably wasteful, even if convenient. 

Quoted: “A very fast acting vape, it was as if immediately someone came a knockin' on my subconscious door and I was like, "Oh well hello there. Come right on in.” My internal joy factor is rising sharply. This bodes well."

Pros: A point away from a perfect score is always something to note. Smooth and herbal vapor will lead you to relaxed effects that’ll envelop you in a warmth ready to release any tension from your day.

Cons: None to note, though don’t reach for this one if you’re looking for a burst of energy.

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