Plus Edibles, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Aug 12, 2020 · 5 min read

We reviewed these doseable edibles to help you find the perfect Plus one for any party, and a reliable sidekick when flying solo.

Plus is a Bay Area cannabis brand specializing in infused mints and gummies. All of their edibles are broken into categories to help you find Balance, get Uplifted, Create, and Unwind. Whether you're looking for CBD or THC, their low-dose products are here to help you tailor your high for any situation. 

These edibles give you the ability to dip your toe in without going over the edge, so if you’re new to eating your weed instead of smoking it, starting here may be your best bet. Go slow and share, and soon enough you'll be stocking up on these stoney treats with reliable effects that are hard to beat.

Quoted: "These are tasty, nice and subtle. I'd usually go a bit harder, but just having this small dose is a good reminder that sometimes less is more."

Pros: Take 'em to a party or first date to take things up a notch. The flavor is bright and tasty, and the effects are clear and calm. Expect a subtle onset and smooth experience you may find yourself reaching for regularly.

Cons: None to note. Just don’t expect a heavy-hitting high. 

Quoted: "I needed to decompress a bit, so I took two pieces and within an hour I was on cloud nine. It's very much not a physical high, so you're able to still move around and get things done if necessary. Be it channel surfing or dishwashing, you're going to be just fine."

Pros: Agreeable and controllable effects make these great for every tolerance level. A chill high settles in quickly, and eating a few will have you relaxed and sedated in no time.

Cons: Somewhat of a grape-flavored medicine taste, and some PCC members experienced the common edible hangover the next morning. 

Quoted: "I'm super content and happy with three of these in my system. No haziness to report, and I definitely feel my mood improved and anxiety lessened. The high is smooth and it unfolds really nicely."

Pros: Mood boosting stress reducers. Expect a sweet and inviting taste to lead to a smooth onset and inspiring high. These gummies will help you relax in no time and won’t overwhelm the senses, making them a solid work companion.

Cons: Could be stronger for some, but certainly serve their purpose for any user. A slight weedy taste could turn some off.

Quoted: "I feel kind of stoned, but not tired like I'd hoped. I would say these mints are better for pair with your happy hour after a long day of work rather than just totally unwinding and going to sleep.”

Pros: A go-to for newbies and microdosers, these mints are a great middle of the road option that won’t knock you out or send you into the stratosphere. Our users loved the taste and couldn’t help but go back for more. Fast-acting, gentle and fun little edibles.

Cons: None to note, though dialing in the right amount to feel heavier effects may be tricky at first.

Quoted: "These gummies are so tasty! Be careful about eating too many. Paired mine with hot tea & Netflix. Mind & body both feel A+."

Pros: Great for microdosing one at a time or popping a few to get stoned. Each piece has 3.5mg of THC and 1.5mg of CBD for truly balanced and controllable effects that’ll ultimately put you to sleep. Expect a stellar and refreshing flavor combination reminiscent of a mojito.

Cons: Some haziness on the comedown, but to be fair that applies to many edibles.

Quoted: "Feeling clearheaded and a little warmth within my body. This is a slow-building high. Watching cartoons like a kid on Saturday morning."

Pros: These are a happy little edible that will fill you with good intentions. Everything you do will just seem that much better as these truly do balance you out and make you amiable and flexible. They’re great for both social situations and squirreling yourself away for some personal time.

Cons: Minimal cottonmouth and dry eyes. 

Quoted: "My lingering headache has lifted, and the edge has been taken off with three of these guys in my system. I don’t feel stoned at all, but I’m definitely chiller and calmer than I was when I first took these.”

Pros: A quick onset and low-dose make these a great starting point for anyone new to cannabis. Mellow and reliable effects mean you can pop a few without fear of going too far. Expect relief from pain and anxiety, and be ready for a slight warmth and glow to improve your day.

Cons: No negatives here, stock up and chill out. 

Quoted: "I feel like I’ve never had a problem and work doesn’t exist. I am so chill with my sandwich and my stupid show on in the background. These gummies taste good and have no lingering aftertaste."

Pros: Summer in a gummy, the watermelon flavor of this edible almost begs you to be outside. It’s the perfect compliment to a sunny day soirée. The high is light and uplifting, but as it ages you’ll feel relaxed and content with an easy, chill comedown.

Cons: These lean towards the sativa side, and a few users noted light jitters, but nothing too heavy. 

Quoted: "A clear high. It's great for watching movies, working out and socializing."

Pros: These are by far the most flavorful gummies Plus puts out, and the effects provided are just as bright and uplifting. Expect to be cool, calm and buzzed as these gummies provide just the right amount of energy perfect for social situations and going with the flow.

Cons: None to note as long as you don’t overdo it!

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