Proper Presents The Hall Of Flowers Highlights
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Sep 29, 2021 · 9 min read

Our team did a little trendspotting so we could fill you in on the hottest new highs.

We recently had the privilege to attend the in-person return of Hall of Flowers, and after the past year and half, it was a breath of fresh air to be back in the building with the brands that make this community great. 

Our favorite event returning to its former glory gave us the opportunity to get a firsthand look at what’s soon to be hitting dispensary shelves, and we're excited to be able to share what we saw. Scroll down to get the lowdown on these new highs before they start to pop up nearby.

Jetty - Solventless Vapes, Pre-Rolls and Rosins

If there was one theme we noticed as we bounced between pavilions, it’s that solventless extracts are the next big thing. And when it comes to concentrates, few, if any, do a better job than Jetty. Their solventless products are as dialed in and clean as they come, and the flavors, effects and overall attention to detail are on another level. Extracted using only ice, water, heat, and pressure and purified for maximum potency, each strain-specific option delivers the plant's true essence from start to end.

Mammamia - Capri Infused Lemon + Cacao Cakes

Mammamia’s Capri cakes blend a taste of Italy and THC for a Caprese-cannabis combo that works harmoniously. Between the taste, texture and effects, their chocolate and almond Torta Caprese & white chocolate and lemon Torta Bianca cakes are as elegant and effective as an edible can be. Both options are infused with natural ingredients, 10mg of THC and 5mg of CBD for the perfect bite, and a balanced buzz. So grab a tin of these artisinally crafted treats, and take one down to transport yourself to a sunny Italian island in your mind. 

Where most brands choose to mask the taste of cannabis in their gummies, Papa & Barkley’s are flavored by the flower they come from. Through the use of strain-specific ice water hash, they are able to stay true to the plant and allow the unique and curated terpene profiles from their expert farm partners to shine through. All natural, high quality and served up with or without a light hint of fruit, these edibles offer a new way to enjoy the true flavor profile of top-shelf flower. 

Space Coyote - Sativa Preservation Society Pre-Roll 

Chances are, any “true sativa” you’ve ever tried was actually a hybrid. It’s not to say that you’re living a lie, it’s just that everything has been lost in hybridized translation over the years. Landrace strains have been bred to the point of near extinction, so when Space Coyote gives you the chance to try Haze in its original state, you should really seek it out. This pre-roll is filled with nothing but whole flower and kief, and offers the type of uplifting high your parents experienced in their hippie heyday. 

Airgraft - Airgraft 2 Device + Premium Pods 

We helped Airgraft launch their second device over the summer, and we couldn’t have been more impressed with the progress and pods they’ve made since then. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, their members only platform gives you access to stellar pods from your favorite brands at an incredible discount. And the sleek and discreet device itself helps you dial in your sessions with metered hits and low temps. Meaning you can enjoy even healthier highs from high-end brands like Friendly Farms, Bear Labs and Maven Genetics.

2 Fly - Condiments, Nut Butters, Jellies and Coffee 

2 Fly wants to help you elevate any meal or morning with cannabis filled condiments and coffee. Add a little THC to your PB + J or get high from your next burger and fries, these single-serving pouches make it possible to add some bud to any breakfast, lunch or dinner. And if that’s not enough, their cannabis infused coffee K-cups can add a little bud boost to any morning by putting the rig in Keurig. 

By combining the best qualities of an edible, tincture and beverage into small, single-dose cordials, Koan has given the community a novel, unique and easily concealable way to consume cannabis. Add a bit of bud to any beverage, or take your desired formula down solo and savor the light flavor and curated effects. With six options and varying cannabinoid concentrations, these will help with everything from providing a spark of creativity to helping you calm down when you start to feel overwhelmed. 

Aviation - Indoor Flower 

Aviation Cannabis is an indoor flower brand that’s just as much about transparency and terps as it is the THC. Complete with flight notes, this recently relaunched shop's stellar branding and sustainable packaging will tell you everything you need to know about where the top-notch effects will take you. So grab a tin of this craft cultivated cannabis, and get ready to enjoy the type of high-grade flower that's sought out by the most seasoned of stoners for its unforgettable flavor and effects. 

Phases - Pre-Roll Flight + Curated Cannabis

If you prefer to choose your products based on effects instead of individual strains, then you will love Phases' high-quality, curated cannabis experience. With five formulas designed to elicit a specific feeling, this pre-roll flight offers a taste of each so you can find your favorite before you load up on flower. So the next time you have an open evening ahead of you, grab a pack, light up & let Phases set the mood. 

Tsumo - Infused Tortilla Chips & Cheese Puffs 

With all of the Willy Wonkas of the weed world serving up an endless stream of infused sweet treats, we’re pretty pleased to see a brand looking to add products to the short list of savory edibles. Each bag of their Cheese Puffs, Cheese Crunchers or flavored Tortilla Rounds contains 10mg of THC, making them doseable, shareable, or a decently potent punch to take down if you’re taking a personal day.

Rose - Flower + Ceramic Jar

The brand that’s best known for their ephemeral edibles is now not only bringing us fresh flower, but a chic ceramic jar that’ll keep it that way longer. Each of their new 1/8ths will come in a fully biodegradable package so you can easily reload your jar and finally say goodbye to mylar. And with stellar strains currently coming from Doc’s Family Farms and their own harvests on the way, be sure to stop by their brand page regularly to stay on top of the latest drops. 

Country - Low-Dose Pre-Rolls

If you’re new to cannabis, or if you just want to get a slight buzz without having to worry about going overboard, then you need to check out Country’s low-dose pre-rolls. Built to help you seamlessly incorporate cannabis into your day, these 6-packs will get you lightly lifted so you can stay loose, but never lose control. Crafted only with whole flower and coming in a reusable, vacuum-sealed jar, this product is a prime example of the growing trend of premium low-potency products.

Hervé - Cannabis Infused French Macaroons 

Looking for some bud that’s a bit more bougie? Hervé offers what is quite possibly the most elegant edible on the market. And with 10mg of THC apiece, this gold-painted, high-brow offering will also get you high as a kite. Each gluten-free macaroon is infused with a sativa hybrid distillate for uplifting effects that will elevate any afternoon or evening. So grab a three pack, toss it in your freezer and break it out to impress your friends on a Friday night, or reach for one to get your fix whenever you want a taste of the high life. 

It’s so easy to only focus on the shiny new things coming out of a trade show like Hall of Flowers, but it’s brands like Aster Farms who stay true to their roots that keep the industry grounded so it can move forward. Focused on sustainability at their sungrown facility, their old school approach to cannabis is putting out incredibly fresh and fire flower that rivals anything else out there. And by using nothing but California sun, they keep the cost low for both you, and the planet. 

Packwoods - Infused Packarillos

Packwoods has been making some of the most potent and premium pre-rolls on the market for years, and one of their fan-favorite product lines just got an upgrade with a double dose of high-grade. By adding an infused option to their Packarillos, their cigar-like joints have joined forces with the finest of concentrates for an experience that’s sure to take your smoking circle’s next session to new heights.

CLSICS - Solventless Vapes, Pre-rolls and Rosin

There’s clean, and then there’s CLSICS clean. Their solventless selections maintain the integrity of their terpene profile for an unforgettably flavor-forward experience. And it doesn’t matter if you prefer to load up your rig with some rosin, vape your way through the day or take a pre-roll on an evening stroll, their complete catalog of concentrates will help you get high without ever leaving you wondering if you sacrificed your health.  

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