Stone Road Pre-Rolls, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Oct 28, 2020 · 2 min read

Sometimes a Stone Road can provide the smoothest journey.

Stone Road’s silky-smooth pre-rolls are filled with the same premium, hand-trimmed flower you’ll find in their jars. Each one is free of any trim, pesticides or synthetics to ensure a clean experience joint after joint. Keep their packs handy to get the whole crew lifted at your next get together, or grab a single to indulge in a self-care-solo-toke. 

Whichever route you go, their small-batch, artisanal flower provides reliable effects ready to pick you up, keep you lifted or put you down. We think they’re some of the best pre-rolls around, so give them a shot and leave us your thoughts through our community reviews! 

Quoted: "Feeling relaxed, but I'm still alert enough to continue with my day. This is a great strain for daytime activities and working out, and the high has a perfectly tapered wind down."

Pros: Just like birthday cake itself, this pack was made to be shared with friends. Expect even-keeled effects and an uplifting euphoria that pairs just as perfectly with a night out as it does a night in. So grab some tickets and head to a show, or fire up a movie marathon and puff, puff, pass.

Cons: None to note.

Quoted: "This joint really picked me up! I feel very energetic and uplifted after a late night. It both tastes and smells creamy, and the smoking experience was luxurious and sexy. I love this joint, and I want more of them."

Pros: Jack Herer is a reliable mood booster that provides focus, energy and inspiration. Pair one of these with your morning coffee for a weed-filled workday jolt that'll have you humming through your tasks with ease. Expect a smooth experience and clear head high you'll want to reach for again and again.  

Cons: None to note.

Quoted: "This has been such a fun high. I was feeling a bit too buzzed at first, but it leveled out into a really nice, happy feeling. Feeling full and content."

Pros: The Sour Patch Pre-Roll is sweet the whole way through. From the quick-hitting head high to the gentle comedown, expect to be uplifted and giggling from beginning to end. Take this on your next outing with friends to get everyone lifted and loving life.

Cons: While the packaging is pretty, the extra plastic is also wasteful.  

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