Sublinguals For The Discreet Weed Lovers On Your Holiday Gift List
Guide by Morgan S
Dec 09, 2019 · 6 min read

For the weed-loving loved ones in your life who like to keep it smoke-free.

There’s a lot to love about sublinguals. They’re versatile, discreet, and convenient. Plus, you don’t have to smoke anything. That’s why they make perfect gifts (particularly for those who have nosy neighbors and kids), which is why we’ve compiled this holiday shopping list with every personality in mind. Sublinguals come in all shapes and flavors, and the Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) has done the work to find the best picks for everyone on your shopping list this holiday season. So, whether they’re new to weed or not, looking to sleep better or get focused, feel a buzz or feel some relief, there's truly something for everyone. 

If you’re new to the beauty of sublinguals or would like to give the gift of knowledge in addition to weed this season, look no further than this explainer. It contains everything you need to know about how sublinguals work, how to dose properly, and how to get the most out of this product category. The more you know, you know?

All of these products are available in California, but if you live in Colorado, Oregon, or Washington, you can check out our full catalog of rated and reviewed cannabis sublinguals here

Effect: Arousal
Potency: 8.4mg THC

Humboldt Apothecary's Love Potion #7 is a nutty cannabis tincture that eases any stress that might be getting in the way of your date night. The effects are relaxing and just a little bit sleepy, but it will likely inspire intimacy more than anything. The euphoric buzz is electric with the right atmosphere, so prepare accordingly. That means you should put this in your partner’s stocking (or your booty call’s if you’re feeling generous). As one PCC rater who reviewed this product put it, “This more so facilitates the opportunity to feel horny rather than being a straight aphrodisiac. Total relaxation at this point. Physical contact feels amazing and even just holding hands feels beautiful.”

Effect: Relaxation/Sleep
Potency: 0.25mg THC, 7.5mg CBD

Papa & Barkley's 30:1 CBD:THC Releaf Tincture may not have the tastiest flavor, but it’s well worth it for the wash of calm. Because it’s rich with high-quality, full-spectrum CBD, it will typically knock your stress down a few pegs and clear your mind. Gift this to your insomniac friends and relatives for a non-intoxicating sleep aid or anxiety reliever. “I had a very long and stressful day,” one rater wrote after trying this tincture, “but I am finally unwinding and using this tincture to help me relax and ease some of my tension and body aches. This oil is potent and you can see it with how dark the color is and also taste it with its wholesome, smooth, earthy, oily goodness.”

Effect: Relaxation
Potency: 3mg CBG

LEVEL's Calm Tablinguals are designed to wash away tension in 30 minutes or less. The 3mg of CBG in each tablet provides a subtle, balanced buzz not totally unlike the barely-there buzz you get from CBD, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed. These little sublingual tablets are discreet, easy to consume, and typically result in a productive sense of clarity, so you can turn an anxious morning around for the better. Gift these to friends and loved ones who are new to cannabis and need a breather from day-to-day life. As one rater attests, “It’s not too powerful but it immediately clears the mind. I’m about to workout with some sincere focus and calm.”

Effect: Euphoria
Potency: 5mg THC

Breez's Original Mint Spray is a cannabis oral spray with a sweet mint flavor. It can take about an hour to kick in if swallowed right away, but if you spray it under your tongue and hold it for 20 seconds, you should feel the high kick in within the half-hour. You can expect an uplifting, full-body buzz. You're likely to feel a heavy body high that would lend itself well to a nap, so gift this to someone who travels a lot. They’ll be thanking you after their next red-eye. “This is almost like Xanax in spray form,” one rater noted after reviewing this spray. “I feel all warm and buttery like I could simply melt. There’s a mellow body high that matches the chill mindset I'm experiencing. All feels right in the world thanks to this spray. This would be great for an afternoon picnic in the park and a nap in the sun.”

Effect: Focus
Potency: 3mg Delta-8

LEVEL's Soothe Tablinguals melt under the tongue with a pleasant flavor of fresh mint. The 3mg of Delta-8 in each tablet provides a calm, barely psychoactive buzz that addresses aches, pains, and distractions. They typically provide a subtle boost of energy as well, making them an ideal workday product. Keep these in mind while you’re shopping for the workaholics in your life. The body buzz smoothes out achy muscles and keeps you moving forward with your day. As one rater put it, “Getting a slight ease of tension, mild boost of energy and focus, and an overall sense of calm. This is an ideal daytime/workday product.”

Effect: Sleep/Euphoric
Potency: 3mg THC

Proof's THC-Rich Tincture is a cannabis sublingual with a surprisingly creamy flavor. The intake is smooth and tasty, which is somewhat rare for a cannabis tincture. You can expect the high to feel balanced and euphoric with a relaxing buzz in the body, leaving you in the ideal state for stargazing. Gift this to your outdoor adventurers before they run off on their winter camping trips to maximize the bonfire mood and keep them sleeping soundly. As one PCC rater attests, “This tincture packs a punch! Very sedative and perfect for sleep.”

Effect: Euphoria/Relaxation
Potency: 2.5mg THC, 2.5mg CBD

Juna's Jade Drops is a mellow cannabis tincture with an earthy flavor. The balanced ratio of THC and CBD develops into an ideal buzz for cruising through long flights or brainstorming through several pages of a notebook, so pick this up for the friends who need help with all of the above. You can aim this buzz in a variety of ways and expect to feel more comfortable in your skin the whole way through. One rater described this cannabis-infused tincture as, “Very creative, investigative, whimsical. It’s easy to come up with new ideas and brainstorm with friends. I’m feeling chill and mellow while watching TV.”

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