The Best Vapes For Every Situation
Guide by Kate Ryan
May 09, 2019 · 6 min read

For every vibe, there’s a vape.

What’s not to like about vape pens? They’re easy to use, discreet to consume, and the high kicks in fully within 10 to 15 minutes. In theory, they’re the cannabis product category to end all categories, but in actuality, there are a lot of inferior brands out there capitalizing on a trend good brands took the time and energy to earn. To separate the stars from the freeloaders, we had our committee of expert raters test hundreds of all-in-one vape pens, PAX Era pods, and 510-thread cartridges. In the process, they discovered not only the knockout products but what situations they’re best suited for. Looking to sleep better, power through a hike, or spice up your Saturday? Look no further.

Good For: Replacing Booze

This all-in-one pen has a 10:1 ratio of THC to CBD, giving it a mild body buzz and a head high that’s as calming as it is exciting. That may sound like a contradiction until you take this pen to dinner or a trivia night and realize its full potential. The vapor has a creamy, citrusy flavor that makes the intake not only effortless but discreet as well. Raters report this sleek, all-in-one vape could just as easily enhance a day spent lounging by the pool or a night out with friends. Whichever route you go, you’re sure to feel uplifted and carefree. 

Good For: Date Night

Raters love this pod because it has an energetic high without the standard side of jitters and a virgin margarita flavor that belies its 83.59% THC content. A few puffs are likely to leave you stoked on life while still feeling clear-headed. The body high’s floaty yet balanced buzz will sustain those good vibes and may just leave you feeling aroused as it winds down. Bring this pod (and its accompanying PAX Era battery) on your next date for a little extra ambiance. 

Good For: Partying the Night Away

When it comes to Sherbinskis’ products, everyone here at Proper has their personal favorite, but this 510-thread cartridge comes out on top for a few reasons. Between the vapor’s pungent orange flavor and the buzzy, full-body euphoria it delivers, this is the vape we recommend to flower diehards. You only need one or two hits to start feeling an intoxicating mood boost, making it perfect for sharing. Do your friends a favor and take it to the next party you attend.

Good For: Just About Anything

This is the kind of vape that’ll have you asking yourself, should I just be high all the time? I’ll leave that call to you, but if you’re looking for a vape that can transition seamlessly from day to night, this is it. I take a couple two-second pulls before work to get excited about spreadsheets and then puff away at a show to feel cradled by every sound. Other raters have used this Maui Wowie pod while dancing, doing housework, studying, making dinner, and socializing—all to great effect.

Good For: Crushing Mild Stress

Caliva is known for crafting clean, situation-specific highs and their Daybreak cartridge is no different. With a subtle, citrusy flavor and an adaptable high, this vape works in the background to smooth out the edges of your day without leaving you full-on stoned. This is an optimal daytime high in the sense it’ll have you calmly accepting a three-hour wait at the DMV, powering through a tedious workout, and enduring crowded grocery stores with ease. When the responsibilities of everyday life threaten to crush your soul, this pen has your back.

Good For: Sleeping Like a Baby

Between a sedating body high and a weightless head high that’ll evaporate by morning, this pod is a fantastic alternative to pharmaceutical sleep aids. Contrary to its name, the vapor has a lemony flavor that’s pleasant nonetheless and easy to suck down. A few hits should have you sinking deeper into bed and floating off to a solid eight hours in no time at all.

Good For: Laid-Back Weekends

If you struggle with winding down and getting much-needed rest, this is the pod for you. A few pulls will deliver just the right amount of soothing sedation to turn down the volume on aches and pains without leaving you full incapacitated. Anything you eat is likely to taste amazing, so you’d be wise to have your Postmates order lined up before you imbibe. To get the most out of this pod, draw yourself a bath and let the high melt away your worries.

Good For: Getting Shit Done

This is easily the happiest vape you’ll find at its price point ($30). Between its peachy flavor and mild high, it’s a solid option for beginners looking to try vapes without committing stacks of cash. A few hits are all it takes to turn a bad mood around and help you enjoy a day in the park, Sunday brunch, a creative hobby—even a long list of errands. I took a few hits before going to Target and had the loveliest time. This pen even helped one of our raters rapidly recover from a hangover. Need I say more?

Good For: Post-Work/Workout Recovery

An ultra-relaxing body high and upbeat head high are what earned this Stiiizy pod a near-perfect score. True to its name, the flavor has a bold, fruity flavor that should convert even the most reluctant over to the vape side. Whether your body is bent out of shape from an intense workout or your mind is cluttered after a long day of work, this vape should address both with a wash of calm relief. Just be sure to get the accompanying Stiiizy battery. 

Good For: Enhancing Happy Hour

With a crisp, fruity flavor profile and a bubbly, uplifting high, this is the vape equivalent of a glass of white wine. Whether or not you choose to pair this pen with an actual alcoholic beverage, the fizzy, energetic high should leave you feeling sociable and upbeat. The relatively tame balance of 49% THC and 3% CBD means cannabis newbies can comfortably take a couple 3-second pulls without fear of overdoing it.

Photos by Sydney Brown.

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