The Best Vapes To Help You Fall Asleep
Guide by Kate Ryan
Mar 13, 2019 · 5 min read

You've done the work of getting yourself into bed. Let these vapes take care of the rest.

All of us want it, but most of us don’t get enough of it. We all know sleep is critical to our well-being just like we know getting to bed at the right time is only half the battle. If you’ve ever turned off the lights only to lie awake for hours, you know how eternally frustrating getting good sleep can be.

Luckily, cannabis has our backs even when our internal clocks don’t. When it comes to inducing a sleepy state, it’s all about consuming finely tuned combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes that deliver whole-body calm with a side of sedation. Vapes are particularly helpful because the high develops within about 10-15 minutes. They're also our preferred method for bedtime consumption because they're easy to use and won't leave your pillowcase smelling like charred plant matter. 

To figure out which are the best, though, we sent hundreds of vapes through the Proper Cannabis Committee to determine which deserve a spot on your bedside table. The cartridges, pods, and all-in-one vapes that rose to the top will help you ease into sleep, but if tossing and turning all night is your issue, be sure to check out our guide to edibles that’ll help you stay asleep.

A supremely comfy body high is what got this sleek, all-in-one vape pen a high score. You could use this vape in the morning like rater and review writer Brianna Wheeler did, but prepare for a mid-afternoon crash. As she wrote in her review of the Mr. Nice Quill, “I am not an afternoon napper, but when this buzz faded, it left me for dead.” 

Available in Oregon only.

With a nearly perfect score, AiroPro’s indica cartridge does not disappoint. Known for its soothing, full-body effects and earthy, herbal aroma, this cartridge is perfect for wrapping up a long day or initiating an afternoon nap. As an added benefit, AiroPro’s cartridges are color-coded, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally vaping a buzzy sativa right before bed. 

Available in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. 

Between its fruity flavor and ultra-relaxing high, it’s no wonder this Strawnana Stiiizy pod is a favorite among raters. Beyond delivering head-to-toe relaxation, this pod delivers a euphoric head high as well. Though there are other uses for this pod beyond sleep. As one rater noted, “I’m trying to come down from the last bits of Adderall before meeting a friend. Would recommend this product 10/10 for this situation.” 

Available in California only.

Frequenters of red-eye flights, this is the PAX Era pod for you. Rated as perfect for couch crashing by the committee, Island’s Blackberry OG pod delivers a warm body high and mellow head high, perfect for making uncomfortable situations bearable. Despite having a lemony scent, this pod is as sleepy as they come. As one rater wrote during a rating session, “This stuff is a sleep potion.” 

Available in California only. 

As far as sleepy vapes go, this Nighttime PAX pod by Bloom Farms may be the most flexible of the bunch. Raters noticed this pod brings a sense of serenity to any situation, making it good for just about any time of day. For instance, one rater felt creative at the onset of the high, while another felt an initial boost of euphoria. No matter what you do with the peak of your high, you can count on its mellow tapering off to carry you to Sleepy Town. 

Available in California only.

With this vape, the clue is in the name. If you're more into smooth landings than hard and fast crashes, this is the all-in-one pen for you. You can expect a wave of sleepiness to come on slowly and gently with each measured pull of savory, earthy vapor. As one rater noted, "It's a bit of a creeper weed, where the high doesn't hit right away but comes on slowly."

Available in California only.

This pod may have a delightfully perfumy scent, but it’s the anxiety-crushing qualities that landed this pod a high score. This pod helped one rater achieve sleep even with a snoring husband and dog by her side, while another rater managed to squeeze in some errands before winding down for the evening. Depending on what mental state you’re starting with, this pod could have you enjoying a relaxing afternoon or passing out within the hour. 

Available in California only.

This Plush Berry pod was a hit with the committee for a variety of reasons, but this rater comment says it all: “The berry relax-y PAX. That’s what I've come to call this PAX Era pod. We've spent some time on vacation together and I can confidently say this is a great choice for a sleepytime indica. The creamy berry aroma lulls you into a relaxing state complete with a comforting body high. Sweet dreams!” 

Available in California only.

Raters who tried this Grand Daddy Purple cartridge by Spherex noticed the high provided a certain degree of focus before trailing off into a sleepy territory. When paired with a couch and a full Netflix queue, this cartridge proved to be ultra-relaxing. While the body high is comforting, the head high can be on the lighter side, making this cartridge ideal for newcomers to the vaping game. 

Available in Colorado only.

Photos by Anthony Tripoli. 

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