The Best Weed To Get You Through Thanksgiving
Guide by Morgan S
Nov 14, 2019 · 4 min read

Whether it's board game adrenaline or insufferable comments from Great Aunt Barb, weed can only make the season brighter.

Ah, Thanksgiving. A bountiful holiday filled with good food, family connection, and the occasionally bigoted great aunt. Let’s be real. This gathering can take a lot out of you, and while many overworked moms and dads might spend the day clinging to a glass of wine that miraculously never empties, you might be more inclined to step out on the porch for a smoke (or gummy or vape) break instead. That’s where these products come in.

The Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) has experienced their fair share of Thanksgiving dinners in addition to the tens of thousands of hours spent rating cannabis, so it’s safe to say that they’ve come up with the right recommendations for the ultimate feast. These highs are mellow and munchy so you can keep calm in the heat of familial interrogations while you scoop a second, third, and fourth helping onto your plate. The goal: Leave your diets in the dust along with your irritations this Thanksgiving.

Good For: Crafting the Dinner Menu
Product: OLD PAL's Blue Dream Flower

Potency: 18.8% THC

OLD PAL's Blue Dream flower is an earthy citrus sativa with a creative kick to it. The buzzy body high pairs nicely with the dose of inspiration, which should gear you up to experiment with a new recipe by the end of the morning. While the turkey is roasting and the sides are sitting idly, you can use this high to try something new. Just make sure you have all the ingredients before you start, and know that the munchies will likely leave you sampling your creations throughout the high.

Good For: Getting Creative with the Tablescape
Product: Brite Labs’ Mendo Breath PAX Era Pod

Potency: 65% THC

The Mendo Breath PAX Era Pod from Brite Labs delivers a near-perfect vapor. It's smooth, tasty, and clean, with an herbal flavor that unfolds after each hit. The high isn't strong, but it tends to be uplifting and mellow. If you want a mild high with just a few hits you should feel focused but buzzy enough to really hone in on the table setup while you’re waiting for the food to cook. It’s the ideal in-between buzz before guests start to arrive, and discreet enough to puff in the bathroom when no one’s looking.

Good For: Chowing Down and Catching Up
Product: GanjaGold’s Blue Tarantula Pre-Roll

Potency: 22.06% THC

GanjaGold’s Blue Tarantula pre-roll is infused with hybrid hash and coated with kief. It has an earthy citrus flavor and it typically results in an uplifting head high. It feels like waking up from a nap with a refreshed sense of calm. It’s perfect for adding that social buzz to a big dinner, so you can chow down and catch up with the people you haven’t seen since last Thanksgiving. This high can spread the holiday cheer when shared with loved ones as well.

Good for: Bearing with Aunt Barb’s Insufferable Comments
Product: Jetty Extracts' Cannatonic PAX Era Pod

Potency: 24% THC, 62% CBD

Jetty Extracts' Cannatonic PAX Era Pod delivers a relaxing body high and a soothing buzz, which should get you through the worst of the conversations that are to be had at the dinner table. A few hits later and you’ll be cruising through the off-color remarks of your least favorite relatives. The head high is typically equal parts calm, relaxed, and spacey. As the name Cannatonic would suggest, you’ll maintain a pulse, but you won’t be overly sensitive to the subsequent arguments and awkward silences. It’s a relationship saver.

Good For: Family Board Games Over Dessert
Product: Satori's Wild Strawberries in Milk Chocolate

Potency: 3mg THC per piece

Satori's Wild Strawberries in Milk Chocolate are small and sweet edibles with a spacey head high. They typically bring on a well-balanced and uplifting buzz. They can be surprisingly strong for their size, especially when you take a few at a time. You can expect to feel stoned behind the eyes and zoned into your quality time. Get the games started or queue up a movie on the couch after dinner so that you’re already focused when the high hits. Think of these as a pre-dessert treat to time it right. You might make all the wrong Monopoly buys or turn into a board game savant, but either way you’ll be laughing the whole time.

Good For: Snoozing Through Your Food Coma
Product: Classix's Chemdawg 4 Flower

Potency: 25% THC

Classix's Chemdawg 4 flower is an earthy indica with a diesel aroma. It gets heavy at its peak and will likely leave you glued to the couch. You can expect a zen, sleepy buzz that starts behind the eyes and melts out into the body, which can unfold into an out-of-body experience for some or a full-on tranquilizer to others. Either way, it’s going to bring your jam-packed holiday to a comfortable close and leave you rested and refreshed for Black Friday.

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