Top Gelato Products, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
May 11, 2020 · 5 min read

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Sherbinskis' Bacio Gelato flower coats your mouth with a dreamy orange flavor on the exhale. It's intoxicating to say the least, typically leaving you feeling euphoric, relaxed, and buzzed. You'll likely be enveloped by every physical sensation and awed by the simplest memes. It's a fantastic booze replacement whether you're out on the town or at home on the couch.

Cookies' Gelato flower is a creamy hybrid with a tendency to uplift. The relaxing high is typically balanced between mind and body, and each hit is smooth from mouth to lungs. You might want to keep a water bottle nearby because of the potential dry mouth, but you can expect an otherwise upbeat high that pairs well with an evening of self-care.

Jungle Boys' Gelato flower is a sweet and earthy hybrid with a typically relaxed high. You'll likely feel calm, balanced, and uplifted. If you're already feeling sleepy this high will lean that way, but if you have some energy left this is more of a giggle high. Look to this for a mood boost or a happy buzz to mellow out your day.

510 Cartridges

EVOLVD's Gelato Cartridge is fueled by a smooth hybrid vapor with a grassy taste. The resulting high is usually balanced, uplifting, and buzzy, so you can expect that it will boost your mood. Take in the sunshine and let this high leave you in an elated stupor. You could also take this buzz to karaoke night or piano practice and ride the bubbly, creative wave it provides.

Gello Gelato is a potent and pleasant vape cartridge from Sherbinskis. It has a fruity flavor and an adjustable mouthpiece so you can customize the amount of vapor in each hit. The high usually hits in waves of relaxation without taking away any brainpower. This content buzz is good for swaying in a hammock or just enjoying a cup of tea under the covers.

Eden Extracts’ Gelato Diamond Cartridge is an herbal vape pen that typically leaves you feeling happy and soothed. It’s light and mellow, so bring it to bed. This high will end the night on a good note. It works as a nice reset in the morning with a cup of coffee, too.

PAX+ Gio Cartridges

Brite Labs’ Gelato PAX Era Pod is a savory vape cartridge with a silky texture. The resulting high is peacefully calm, with a relaxing buzz in the body. Hit this to zone out on the couch.

Happy Sticks’ Sunset Gelato PAX Era Pod delivers a smooth vapor with a subtle flavor of lavender. You can expect an uplifted and energized high, which is good for brainstorming or just bringing your mind back into a grounded state. This can feel like a happy halo around you that bounces bad energy away. It sounds like a weed cliché, but this is just the high for that mood.

Cookies' Sunset Sherbert Gio Pod is a sweet and smooth vape cartridge with a tendency to uplift. The relaxing body high is a little dominant, but the head buzz is still noticeably strong. It's typically even and mellow the whole way through, which makes it good for gardening and going to the theater.

All-In-One Pens

Sherbinskis’ Gelato Double Barrel delivers a sweet citrus vapor and a silky smooth texture. A few quick hits and you should feel balanced and euphoric. Use this time to get your chores done. 


The Bacio Gelato Pre-Roll Pack delivers five premium joints that carry an enticing chocolate flavor. From aroma to texture to taste too high, these are a perfect 10. The hybrid flower of the pre-rolls should leave you in a buzzy euphoria, heightening every sensation to a new degree. That makes this a versatile high, so absorb yourself in anything from a date night to new creative pursuits.

Sherbinskis' Acaiberry Gelato Blunt is an herbal-sweet pre-roll with a smooth smoke quality. The resulting high is often happy and soothing, so it's perfect for a social outing followed by some quiet time in bed. The high starts out talkative and flowy before it tapers down into a mellow haze, and the wooden crutch only makes it taste better. Share this with friends and consider taking this high to a movie or show.

Island's Gelato Sunrise Mini's come in a pack of itty bitty pre-rolls. The high should feel focused and uplifting, and they're full of some pretty potent flower despite their size. There's room to improve on the aftertaste, but the sweetness really comes through in the comfy, zoned out high, which is ideal for stargazing.


Neutron Genetics’ Gelato Shatter is a sweet and peppery concentrate that delivers a nice, smooth hit. This high is beautiful and happy. It often comes with an energized body buzz, too. It’s an easy choice if you need a mood boost, but get ready to space out. Solo dance parties are suggested. Stress be gone.

Gabriel Cannabis' Sherbert Rosin is an indica concentrate with a sweet and subtle berry flavor. It provides a smooth hit and a pleasant aftertaste, and it typically results in a euphoric and soothing high. You can expect physical relief and a touch of dry mouth while the head high edges on the line of making you goofy. This is the high for ice cream and cartoons, so consider a Disney marathon with whatever kids you have in your life.

Connected Cannabis Co.’s Gelato #41 Live Resin Sauce is a smooth-hitting concentrate with notes of sweet citrus. The happy, buzzy high that follows can come at the cost of dry eyes, but it’s perfect for binge-watching once you find the eyedrops.

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